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NO Annual Business Promotion Fees

Sale Promotion Fees

  • $40.00 per sale when e-mailed
    (unlimited words)
  • we accept TXT, DOC or editable PDF files or text dropped into the body of an email
  • updates are half price
    (unlimited words)
  • minor tweaks of date, location,
    spellings, model descriptors are done without charge
  • our fees are typically 40% to 60% less than those of our competitors
Business Promotion Features
  • your own private web promotion like
  • a multi-page personal web site including
  • a private calendar listing your sales
  • a Consignment Form to initiate contact
  • a Pre-Registration form for expected large audiences
  • an Absentee Bid form to gather important information
  • a mailout service for your interested followers
  • regular management to keep your site current
Sale Promotion Features
  • easily read, attractive, professional layout with your banner attached to each notice
  • multiple daily submissions to our database;
    sales often on-line within 4 hours of receipt,
    always within 1 business day,
    weekends slightly longer.
  • a FREE Auction Notification Service: via e-mail for your interested followers
  • emails sent to some of our 25,000 registered followers as per their provided registered interests
  • exposure from our home page to 30,000 regular weekly visitors
  • automated tweets of every sale posted #Auctions
  • a road map detail of every sale location
  • a weather link for every sale location to provide current information
  • a personal calendar providing your current auction news
  • broader news from our ALL NEWS and RECENT 20 NEWS pages

Services to enhance your promotions and further your professional status:
  1. include images up to 800X800 pixels in your sale notices for $1.00 per image; digital recovery service; thumbnails produced and embeded directly into your ad as links to the full size image

  2. include a 1-line text description of each of your images

  3. FREE DOMAIN HOSTING for submitting auctioneers beginning January 1, 2008

  4. BASIC Consultation, Development, Management of your Domain Name, Web Site and Documents for FREE

  5. You can have your own DOT.COM for a registration fee of $20.00, DOT.CA for $25 annually - we pay these charges in advance for you and bill to you in the month we register/renew them for you

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