Saturday January 12 2019
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

K.W. Khaki Club
2939 Nafziger Road
Wellesley, Ontario

2 miles south of Wellesley

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A Gerber Toy Auction

Of Farm tractors, pedal tractors, machinery,
local tractor trailers, coin banks, memorabilia
and other interesting items

Note that "New in Box" toys are marked "NIB".

Lot 1
1)MF pull type combine, customized 1/16
2)JD pull type combine, customized 1/16
3)Green bale wagon 1/16
4)IH bale loader, customized 1/16
5)IH disc, repaint 1/16
6)JD one way disc, customized 1/16
7)Red forage wagon, customized 1/16
8)IH rake, repaint 1/16
9)4 furrow plow NIB
10)Tru Scale Farmall tractor with loader, repaint 1/16
11)JD 5020, repaint 1/16
12)JD 5020, customized 1/16
13)JD 4020, customized 1/16
14)JD 3020, repaint 1/16
15)IH 886, customized 1/16
16)IH 1026, customized 1/16
17)IH 1066, repaint 1/16
18)IH 1256 with cab, repaint 1/16
19)IH 1256, customized 1/16
20)Red wooden wagon 1/16
21)Red wooden tractor 1/16
22)Schneider's tractor trailer 1/64

Lot 2
1)Arnold Bros. Transport tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
2)Culligan Delivery Tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
3)Home Hardware 2001 Peterbilt #385 1/32 NIB
4)AC 1916 Studebaker 1/32 NIB
5)Massey Expo 100 Years tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
6)Home Hardware 50th Ann. Tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
7)20th Ann. Cockshutt Steam Threshers Reunion tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
8)Sysco Tractor with tractor trailer, pups 1/64 NIB
9)Dempsters Bread tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
10)Home Hardware 1957 pickup NIB
11)Tiger Lease Inc. tractor trailer 1/64
12)Beatrice Foods tractor trailer 1/64
13)Gerber Auctions tractor trailer (50 produced) 1/64 NIB
14)Elmira Maple Syrup Festival 2009 pickup NIB
15)Alpine Plant Food 25th Ann. Tractor trailer 1/64 NIB

16)Canada Post tractor trailer 1/64
17)Allied Signal, Stratford tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
18)Brunk Revivals "The Whole Gospel" tractor trailer 1/64
19)Liberty Classics 1 of 1500 tractor trailer 1/64
20)The Hudson Bay Zellers tractor trailer 1/64
21)Grant Transport tractor trailer 1/64
22)Ertl Replica Toys tractor trailer 1/64
23)Bird in Hand Family Best tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
24)MM tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
25)GMC Motorsports tractor trailer 1/64
26)Kellogg's Racing tractor trailer 1/64
27)Woodcock Bros. tractor trailer 1/64
28)Pestell New Hamburg tractor trailer 1/64
29)B.F. Goodrich tractor trailer 1/64
30)Land O Lakes tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
31)Gay-Lea Since 1958 tractor trailer 1/64
32)Bruce Edmeades tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
33)Pepsi Limited Edition tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
34)Elmira Maple Syrup 25th Ann. Bank
35)IH tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
36)Home Depot Racing #20 Tony Stewart tractor trailer 1/64
37)JD 1948 Peterbilt tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
38)Fina 1929 Model A bank NIB
39)NH Sound Machine tractor trailer NIB
40)Bordens Milk truck c/w milk bottles 1/32 NIB
41)Wellesley Apple Butter Delivery Truck NIB
41A)2018 Erb Transport Freightliner - Best Fleet - Hot off the Press! 1/64 NIB
42)Erbs Model A bank (North Waterloo Show) NIB
43)Pepsi Coin bank NIB
44)AC coin bank NIB
45)Pioneer Transport NIB
46)K-Dac tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
47)McDonalds delivery truck NIB
48)AC 23rd Annual Steam Threshers Reunion (6 of 120) tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
49)Toronto Maple Leafs Limited Edition 2000 pickup NIB
50)Cockshutt 1937 Ford pickup NIB
51)Home Hardware 2003 Tilt Cab tractor trailer 1/32 NIB
52)Krops IGA Food Market tractor trailer NIB
53)Oliver 24th Annual Steam Threshers Reunion (51 of 120) tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
54)K Dac tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
55)JD 22nd Annual Steam Threshers Reunion (2 of 75) tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
56)1989 CIFES AC WD45 NIB
57)1991 CIFES NH44 Special
58)1993 CIFES JD General Purpose NIB
59)1994 CIFES Cockshutt 1555 NIB
60)1996 CIFES AC D21 NIB
61)1997 CIFES MH 33
62)1998 CIFES MM G750 NIB
63)2002 CIFES White Oliver 1655 NIB
64)2004 CIFES MH 55 NIB
65)2005 CIFES JD D
66)2007 CIFES Oliver 77 Goodison NIB
67)2009 CIFES AC D15 NIB
68)McCormick Deering W30 1/16
69)1986 Farm Toy Museum set - Black Hawk 40 1/16

70)Cockshutt 30 Teeswater 1995 1/16
71)JD M 1/16
72)Cockshutt 30 Great Canadian Field Days 1995 1/16
73)Fordson Parts Mart Special Edition 1990 1/16
74)1986 Farm Toy Museum set Cockshutt 40 1/16
75)JD 620 1/16
76)Case 600 1/16 NIB
77)JD MT Heritage Days, St. Marys 1996 1/16
78)JD 6410 with cab 1/64
79)Agco 420 Pressure washer NIB
80)Ford 9N with plow 50th Ann. 1/16 NIB
81)JD 40 1st Ont Two Cylinder Club 1/16 NIB
82)Fendt with cab 1/32 NIB
83)Walker mower NIB
84)JD Model E gasoline engine 1/16 NIB
85)MF 65 diesel with loader 2009 Show tractor 1/16
86)JD 5420 with loader and cab 1/32
87)JD 420, 2004 Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 1/16 NIB
88)MH 102 Limited Edition 3rd Ann. 1990 1/16 NIB
89)JD 530 1/16 NIB
90)Int Cub Special Edition 1/16 NIB
91)JD 260 Field of Dreams 1/16 NIB
92)JD 40-70 50th Ann. Set 1/16 NIB
93)Pedal Tractor - AC D19 (wide front), wide tires
94)Pedal Tractor - Farmall 656, row crop
95)Pedal tractor - McCormick W4
96)Pedal tractor AC 8050 - 4wd, wide tires, 1 of 100 (new - 2018)
97)AC cream can
98)AC 2 gal. cream can
99)Pedal tractor - JD 520, row crop
100)JD 40 - 5 gal. milk can
101)Pedal tractor - Farmall 1206 Turbo, row crop
102)JD thermometer
103)Int gas pump
104)Int thermometer
105)Farmall thermometer

Lot 2B
1)IH 66 Series pedal tractor
2)MF 398 pedal tractor
3)Trailer to fit MF (or other pedal tractors)
4)Tin pedal tractor (MH decals)
5)Murray Trac tin pedal tractor
6)Murray Trac dump trailer
7)Scale Models Cockshutt 70 pedal tractor NIB (never assembled)
8)Cockshutt seed drill ends made into a newspaper box - good
9)Farmall M 1/8 scale
10)Wooden truck, large

Lot 3
1)Case DC 1/16 NIB
2)Case L 1/16 NIB
3)CIH 3294 Red Merger 1/16 NIB
4)Case 2594 white & black 1/16

5)Case 3294 4wd white and black 1/16
6)Case 1270 Agri King Dealer Edition 1/16 NIB
7)Mamod steam engine
8)3 Case 1/64 scale tractors
9)IHC wrench
10)Deering wrench
11)1964 Ford Mustang convertible 1/24 NIB
12)Kenworth bank 1993 Elmira Syrup Festival
13)1956 Ford Thunderbird 1/43 NIB
14)Speed Mechanics magazine 1958
15)Toy Farmer magazine

Lot 4
1)CIH 7140 c/w cab 1/16
2)JD GP Special Edition 1/16
3)JD 1/38 scale straight truck bank NIB
4)First Gear Supertest tow truck 1/34 NIB
5)Int. Plowing Match 6 of 14 Perth County 2005 silver tractor trailer in display 1/64
6)Farmall H with mounted planter 1/16 NIB
7)JD harvester 1/16
8)1st Gear Supertest tow truck 1/34 NIB
9)Pioneer tin tractor trailer NIB
10)JD LA with No.7-D mower 1/16 NIB
11)JD 80 diesel 1/16 NIB
12)JD LA with L-12 cultivator 1/16 NIB
13)Assorted Home Hardware banks NIB
14)Pepsi bank NIB
15)Co-Op bank NIB
16)2 Canadian Tire banks NIB
17)Kitchener Police bank NIB
18)JD firetruck bank NIB
19)Farmall firetruck bank NIB
20)1st Gear "Hostess Cup Cakes" bank NIB
21)Farmall Cub with side mount mower 1/16 NIB
22)3 Canada Post vehicles NIB
23)JD firetruck bank
24)CIH 5250, 4wd 1/16 NIB
25)1940 JD 12A combine 1/16 NIB
26)Schneider's "Famous for Quality" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
27)2 - Schneider's "They're Hot, Hot, Hot" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
28)Int. Plowing Match Chatham-Kent tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
29)2014 Int. Plowing Match Simcoe tractor tanker 1/64 NIB
30)1st Gear Conestoga "Farm Fresh Pork" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
31)Erb Transport "Another Cool Move" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
32)2016 Int. Plowing Match Wellington County tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
33)"ATHS" 2003 - 10th Ann. Tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
34)Ertl 60th Ann. Peterbilt tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
35)Maple Leaf tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
36)Coca Cola tractor trailer NIB
37)Schneider's "Red Hots" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
38)Schneider's "Taste the difference Quality Makes" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
39)Schneider's "Juicy Jumbos" tractor trailer (1st Gear) 1/64 NIB
40)Thur tractor/Livestock trailer 1/64 NIB
41)2010 Int. Plowing Match Elgin/St. Thomas tractor tanker 1/64 NIB
42)2013 Int. Plowing Match Perth County tractor trailer 1/64 NIB

43)2009 Int. Plowing Match Temiskaming tractor tanker 1/64 NIB
44)Home Hardware tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
45)K-Dac "Delivering Thrills and Chills" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
46)1st Gear Erb Transport "Another Cool Move" tractor trailer 1/34 NIB
47)Schneider Transport, Green Bay tractor trailer 1/34 NIB
48)Canadian Provincial Series coin banks (full set) NIB
48B)CIH 3294 1/16
49)JD loader tractor with cab 1/16
50)JD 9600 combine, Special Edition, 2 heads
51)CIH chisel plow 1/16 NIB
52)2 Pioneer battery wall clocks
53)30 plus 1/64 scale tractors (all colours)
55)Dyersville Fire Dept. bank (1st Gear) NIB
56)JD articulating tractor
57)CIH Mark 50 Edition 7250 1/16 NIB
58)Int 1468 1/16 NIB
59)Farmall 460 with 2MH picker, Dealer Edition 1/16 NIB
60)2002 CIFES Oliver 1655 NIB
61)Farmall 450 with "Electrall" 1/16 NIB
62)Farmall 300 with loader 1/16 NIB
63)Supertest tractor trailer 1/34 NIB
64)Assorted 1/64 scale combines, etc.
65)50th Ann. Ford golden Jubilee with scraper blade 1/16 NIB
66)1st Gear Lanser Garage & towing, tow truck 1/34 NIB
67)JD AR 1/16 NIB
68)JD 420 Crawler with 62 blade 1/16 NIB
69)6 Supertest coin banks 1/34 NIB
70)2012 CIFS Int. W400D 1/16 NIB
71)MF 165 diesel 1/16 NIB
72)1958 Ferguson 35 "Special" 1/16 NIB
73)2010 CIFS MF 65 1/16 NIB
74)2011 CIFS DC-4 wide front 1/16 NIB
75)2 - Campbell's Soup banks NIB
76)Zehr's Food Plus, north Waterloo Toy show bank NIB
77)2 - NH coin bank NIB
78)Waterloo Regional Police bank (2)
79)2 - Canadian tire coin banks (2) NIB
80)TSC coin bank NIB
81)3 Texaco coin banks NIB
82)Pennzoil coin bank NIB
83)4 Home Hardware banks NIB
84)Oliver 550 Operators manual
85)Prestige Collection - JD 45 combine with 10 corn head NIB
86)Precision Classics - JD 4020 with 237 corn picker 1/16 NIB
87)4 Home Hardware banks NIB
88)JD 70 1/16 NIB
89)JD 6420 1/16 NIB
90)2007 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival bank NIB
91)NH collector coin bank NIB
92)Home Hardware tractor trailer 1/64 NIB

Lot 5
1)2000 Hess firetruck
2)1991 Hess Truck & Racer

3)2006 Hess truck & Helicopter
4)1995 Hess truck & helicopter
5)2002 Hess truck & airplane
6)1997 Truck & Racer
7)2003 Hess truck & Racer
8)1994 Hess rescue truck
9)2011 Hess truck & racer
10)Trucking firm note pads
11)Trucking company coffee mugs
12)Livestock tractor trailer
13)Johnny Lightning Int 4400 Coke monster truck
14)FTI tire bat
15)Johnny Lightning Int 4200 coke truck
16)4200 Int. truck
17)12 Trucking company coffee mugs
18)Holland Hitch tractor trailer in box
19)Cockshutt Farm puzzle
20)1989 Hess firetruck
21)2005 Hess emergency truck
22)1996 Emergency truck
23)2010 Hess Tractor trailer & jet
24)1993 Hess Patrol car
25)2004 Hess Sport utility vehicle with motorcycles
26)1998 Hess recreation van with buggy & motorcycle
27)2007 Hess Monster truck & 2 motorcycles
28)1999 Hess tractor trailer and space shuttle
29)1982 Hess Gas truck (1933 chev)
30)Peterbilt tractor trailer 1/32
31)Peterbilt plastic car carrier

Lot 6
1)Case 1170 Foxfire Farm 1/16
2)IH 826 Foxfire Farm 1/16
3)IH 1206 Foxfire Farm 1/16
4)IH Engine Special Edition
5)IH McCormick Engine
6)IH 886 1/16
7)IH 1586 with duals, FWA - custom
8)Woodstock Farmall 806 1/16
9)CIH 4230 1/16
10)IH 606 1/16
11)1586 with cab & duals 1/16 NIB
12)JD grader on plaque
13)MF 35 1/16
14)JD 1924 D (open flywheel) 1/16 NIB
15)3 Collectible metal card sets NIB
16)4 pc. knife set (JD & IH) NIB
17)IH knife (large)
18)AC knife NIB
19)Assorted tractor castings
20)Assorted tractors and implements (used)
21)Assorted 1/32 scale tractors
22)Assorted miscellaneous items
23)Tractor trailers
24)Assorted Tonka toys

25)2 Ertl Porcelain barns NIB
26)Lennox building with lights New
27)Metal airplanes (IGA, Gulf, Campbell's) New
28)Cub Cadet, red
29)CIH 9280 with triples, new
30)1953 Ford - Hercules Tire NIB
31)1948 Snap-On Tools tractor trailer NIB
32)1917 Maxwell car (Texaco) NIB
33)#4 Beaver Lumber bank NIB
34)#2 Beaver Lumber NIB
35)#1 Eaton's bank NIB
36)#3 Eaton's bank NIB
37)#4 Eaton's bank NIB
38)2 - Labatt's tractor trailers NIB
39)2 - Canadian Tire tractor trailers NIB
40)3 - Co-Op tractor trailers NIB
41)Beaver Lumber tractor trailer NIB
42)True Value tractor trailer NIB
43)JD tractor trailer NIB
44)M&M Meats tractor trailer NIB
45)RCMP tractor/horse trailer
46)IH Historical Series tractor trailer
47)Ertl Replica tractor trailer
48)Canadian Tire 2000 Gold pickup, new
49)Lennox bank
50)#2 Ideal Supply bank
51)Co-Op pickup bank with "Western" logo
52)Lincoln dump truck, tin
53)#1 Co-Op bank NIB
54)1950 Olds bank NIB
55)2 Quaker State banks (1 - NIB)
56)2 Shell banks (1 - NIB)
57)2 Firetruck banks
58)Red Cross bank
59)Set of NH pictures (new)
60)Bombardier literature (Ski-Doo)
61)Binder of Cockshutt magazines
62)Binder of MF literature
63)box of "Rural Delivery"
64)box of miscellaneous farm literature
65)Cockshutt manuals
66)Assorted pens
67)Farm booklets
68)Ertl binder
69)AC manuals
70)2 1/64 scale farm show tractors NIB
71)AC serving tray
72)AC Notice board NIB
73)AC tin box
74)2 - JD banners (Gator, Skid steer), both new
75)2 Agco banners
76)AC WD-45 NIB
77)AC D-15 with 4 row cultivator NIB
78)AC round baler NIB
79)Precision AC D-17 NIB

80)First Gear - First Gear NIB
81)Gearbox - 1953 Ford tow truck NIB
82)1940 Ford Texaco Fire chief NIB
83)1940 Ford pickup (JD) NIB
84)1957 Ford "Brooks and Dunn" NIB
85)4 - 1/32 scale cars NIB
86)National Motor Museum - 55 Olds and 64 Mustang NIB
87)8 Elmira Maple Syrup banks
88)AC Ag. Machinery tractor trailer
89)Case serving tray
90)Case framed advertising
91)Case cardboard poster
92)1985 Introductory tractors 1/64 NIB
93)Versatile 836 1/32 (has been repaired)
94)Case 2 furrow plow - good
95)AC "C"
96)Oliver 99 - Teeswater
97)IH 560 - Teeswater
98)IH W-400 - Teeswater
99)IH 856, repaint
100)AC 175 Spec Cast
101)MF 50 HX backhoe
102)Precision Key - Farmall H with planter NIB
103)Fordson Major
104)IH 915 combine, excellent
105)JD 2266 combine
106)Sawyer & Massey book
107)6 steamer books
108)Green Giant tractor
109)Gleaner R6 combine NIB
110)3 Harley Davidson pieces
111)Small show case
112)Orange grader - Teeswater
113)Case mailbox bank NIB

Lot 7
Assortment of literature (approx. 70 pieces). To include sales literature from JD, Ford, Ferguson, Cockshutt tractor & combine, Minneapolis-Moline, David Brown, Oliver, Ford, NH, New Idea, etc. Also buyer's guides, etc. A NICE VARIETY WITH LOTS OF COLOUR.

See for photos.

Cash, debit or cheque with I.D.
10% buyer's premium.

We Strive To Serve You Better

Auctioneering and Appraising
519-699-4451 or (519)698-0138
2827 Hutchison Road, RR1 Millbank, Ontario (Crosshill)

Saturday December 29 2018
Sale Starts At 9:00 AM
Preview 8:00 AM


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Large quantity of cookie jars, salt and peppers, decorative spice racks, cruet sets, over 50 lightning rod bulbs, Johnnie Walker box and others, cups & saucers, dove tail box, crocks, hob nail dishes, brand new Bulova watch, chintz, stained glass windows, speakers, wrought iron wine rack, wrought iron room divider, lg quantity of fishing rods and tackle, dressers with mirrors, 2 wheel cart, clocks, marbles, railroad lanterns, pocket watch, hockey cards, coins, costume jewelry, radios, Bushnell telescope brand new, ottoman, McCaskey cash register, barber pole, cameras, napkin dispenser, fire extinguisher, fridge/freezer apt. size, early walnut sewing table, old skeleton keys, lg quantity of stamps, Wm F. Stidworthy signed painting, flag, beautiful fireplace screen, toy cars, air gun with BB's, 1977 Star Wars Action figures, Salvation Army Class 10267 Lamonte Comet, 22k gold stamp collection, records, Hohner Melodica Soprano, Topper toy, Secret Sam Spy Gun & case, Air taxi helicopter, Ka-bala game, Trik-Trak Road Rally, pictures, vintage suitcases, Hohner accordion, tables, decorative Bombay mirrors, Paul Murray prints, Bombay dining room table, Ethan & Allen lg framed picture, cast clock with 2 urns, old gasoline hand nozzle, Tiger Woods, Diamond Dyes tins from Windsor

Large quantity of Snap on tools, Delta grinder, Skil saw, routers, Makita saw, electric drills, electric planers, wrench sets, socket sets, battery charger, socket sets, wooden chisels, wooden planes, Craftsman grinder, Beaver and Craftsman table saws, electric sander, tap & die sets, vice, Radial alarm saw, Delta Shop master, rope and chain, TGBO tin sign, potato fork, hallicrafters, Beetle beer tray signed, stop sign, gas mask, 10cent peanut machine, fire alarm, 2 tin toy sewing machines, tin crane, car ornaments, mounted fish, jack knives and locks, small toy cash register, barbeque, old tin lunch pails, cast iron fire alarms, tin Livestock truck, paper money, lots and lots more.


519 - 727 - 8894