Sunday January 27 2019
Sale Starts At 8:30 AM
Preview 8:00 AM

14 Orange Street
Leamington, Ontario

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Old Fashioned Auctions

JEWELRY: Sunday, Jan. 27th at 8:30am
COINS: Sunday, Jan. 27th at 9:30am
SALE STARTS: Sunday, Jan. 27th at 10:00am
There Will Be Food and Drink Available For Purchase on Site

COINS: Canadian Coins: Big Pennies, Small Pennies, Silver Nickels, Silver Dimes, 1882 and Up Silver Quarters, 1903 and Up Silver Half Dollars, Silver Dollars, 1939 and Up Double Dollar Sets, Proof Like Sets, Assorted Penny Rolls, $20.00 Sterling Transportation Coins, 2012 Fine Silver $20.00 Coin.
U.S. Coins: Big Penny, 1865 Two Cent, 1877 Carson City Dime, 1855 & 1853 Half Dimes, 1890 Dime (Rarer), Barber Dimes from 1897, 1901 Barber Half Dollar, Kennedy Proof Silver Half, 1885 & 1890 & 1891 Morgan Silver Dollars, 1927 Peace Dollar.
Canadian Bills: 1900-1923 Shinplasters, 1937 $1 Bills, 1937 $2 Bill, 1937 $10 Bills, 1954 $1 Devils Face, 1954 $5 Devils Face, 1954 $10 Devils Face, 1954 $1's-$2's-$5's & $10's (Many UNC), 1967 $1 Bills No Serial #'s (UNC), 1967 Replacement Note, 1973 $1 Bills (UNC), 1974 $2 Bill, 1986 $2 Bills (UNC), 1986 $5 Bills (UNC).
U.S. Bills: 1935 $1 Silver Certificate, 1957 $1 Silver Certificate, 1953 $2 Red Seal, 1963 $2 Red Seal.
Assorted World Money and Military Scripts.

JEWELRY: Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Pendant with High Fashion Cord, Genuine Colour Change Garnet (4*4mm), Stainless Steel Skull Shape Ring (Size 10), Genuine Assorted Emerald Approx 2.0ct (3*5mm)(May Birthstone), Enhanced 2 Blue Sapphire Approx 6cts (9*7mm), Fresh Water Pearls Black Peacock Necklace, Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Men's Ring, Genuine Black Diamond Approx 0.5ct (April Birthstone), Sterling Silver Alexandrite Necklace, Sterling Silver Amethyst (2 in 1 Antique Style Jacket) Stud Earrings, Sterling Silver 7 Diamond Ring, Sterling Silver Fresh Water Pearls Necklace with Bracelet, 14K White Gold Blue Diamond(SI1, 0.05cts) Diamond (0.28cts) Ring (~Weight 2g), Sterling Silver Ruby Cubic Zirconia Bracelet (~Weight 13.2g), 10K White Gold Sapphire (1.5cts) Diamond (0.06cts) Ring (~Weight 2.02g), 14K Yellow Gold Diamond (G-H, I1, 0.38cts) Earrings, 10K White Gold Emerald (0.45cts) Diamond (0.03cts) Ring (~Weight 1.49g), 10K White Gold Tanzanite (1.2cts) Diamond (0.03cts) Ring, 14K White Gold Smokey Quartz (16.4cts) White Sapphire (0.3cts) Earrings, Sterling Silver Blue Diamond (Enhanced, 0.48cts) Ring (~Weight 7.26g), 14K Rose Gold Rose Quartz (16.5cts) Diamond (0.05cts) Pendant (~Weight 3.92g), 14K White Gold Diamond (G-H, I1-I2, 1cts) Earrings, Sterling Silver Blue Diamond (Enhanced, 0.07cts) Ring (~Size 6)(~Weight 7.9g), 14K White Gold Diamond (G-H, I1, 0.30cts) Earrings, and Much More Not Listed. 100 Items to Choose From.

PARTIAL LISTING: Royal Doulton Figurine Olivia HN5114, Royal Doulton Figurine Clarissa HN2345, Royal Doulton Figurine Southern Belle HN2229, Royal Doulton Figurine Boot Maker D6586, Beatles Poster, John Lennon Poster, Sterling Silver Rings, First Day Issue Silver Stamps, Floor Standing Fans, Gas Cans, Dolly Cart, Curtain Rods (New), Roll of Wire, Hand Carved Coffee Table with Glass Top, Soap Stone Figurines, Hand Carved Turtle/Indian Head, John Deere Weather Station (New in Box), Assorted Wine Glasses, Small Hand Carved Stool, Rope, Ceiling Fan, Beaumark 2 Slice Toaster, Hand Carved Stone Elephant, Austin Sculpture of Boy & Girl on a Log, Dream Catcher, Dyson DC62 Vacuum with Wall Mount Bracket, Metal Bistro Table with 2 Stools (Bar Height), Stihl FS36 Weed Whip (Work Great), 1984 - 2033 Calendar, Taylor Storoguide, Small New Testament Brass Bell, Owl Candle Snuffer, Vintage Car Ash Tray, Avon Train Bottle, Small Screwdriver Set in Wooden Box, Round Trivet, Wooden Clock Case, Head Demagnetizer, Hand Forged Blacksmith Tool, Primitive Pipe Wrenches, Elvis 8 Tracks, Vintage Lion Head Book Ends, Pen & Swiss Clock Stand with Marble Base, Vintage Record Cleaner, Wooden Hand Carved Crane Ash Tray, 1913 Mercer Race About 48 to 1 Scale Made by Lesney Ash Tray, FB Rogers Silver Company Bowl, Vintage Pol Royal Champagne Opaline Black Ceramic Circa 1962 Ash Tray, Empire 8 Track Recorder, Phallus Solid Brass Sculpture, Wooden Jewelry Holder Insert for Dresser Drawer, Wooden Dart Holder, Small LED Light Bars x 4, Clock Parts, Brass Corner Brackets, Turn Signal from Vintage Car, Small Oil Can, Edison Blue Amberol Record x 7, Elk Vintage Tapestry, Crown Royal Bags, Antique King Collar Button Display Box, Vintage Glasses, Vintage India Open Cut Work Footed Trinket Keepsake Hinged Box with Latch, Antique Axe Head, Vintage Electron Tubes, Cast Iron Golfer Door Stop, Painted Milk Glass Oil Lamp Pat. June 26 1894 Floral Pattern, Milk Glass Painted Oil Lamp, Benson & Hedges Wooden Cigar Box, House of Lords Panetelas Box, Old Abe Cigar Box, Howard Johnsons Cigar Box, Stonewall Jackson Cigar Box, Capital Cigar Box, El Roi Tan Cigar Box, La Palina Cigar Box, Oak Clock Case with Face, Smiths Barometer, Cows Relief Tin, Assorted Dog Tags, Vintage Magnetic Level in Tin Box, Norman Rockwell Paper Toll Pictures, 1940 Courtley Men's Cologne Bottle x 2, Jersey Cow Lighter, Decanter, Avon Beer Stein, Realistic TRC-55 23 Channel Citizens Band Transceiver, Large Selection of 8 Tracks, Baseball cards from 1977 and 1986, Large Assortment of DVD's (New), Wooden Carved Masks, Knight Head Radio, Vintage Music Box Jewelry Holder, Top Ten Fitness Jacket with Pants Size Small, CFL Banners, Nascar License Plate Covers, Top Ten Tae Kwon Do Suits Size 160 x 3 (New), Mini Collectable Baseball Hates (Assorted Teams), Vintage Dollies (in Box), Vintage Handkerchiefs (in Box), Vintage Teddy Bears, Wedgewood Children's Story Book Plate from 1979 (in Box), Thomas Kincaid Picture of Light with Certificate of Authenticity, David Ranson Collectors Tin, Kings & Queens of Britain The Complete Issue of 41 Stamps, Bag of Assorted Stamps, 1967 Centennial Stamp Box, Large Assorted Blue Rays, Hand Carved Wooden Ash Tray, Sea Captain Boson Head, Wooden Hand Carved Bowl, Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Manufacturing Company Hand Telephone Receiver, Mini Totem Pole Signed HS, Mini Books (Fighters, Bombers, Railway Locomotives, Basic Aircraft), Wittnauer Watch Model 11WSG 10Kt Gold Filled in Case (Working), Vintage Lighters, Large Assortment of Watch Bands, 1992 Visa Olympic Pin Set of 4 in Case, Antique Ornate Drawer Pulls x 4, Assorted Cufflinks, Dresser Top Jewelry Holder, Gypsy Statue, Royal Doulton Old Charlie Mini Toby Mug, Everlite Aristocrat Copper Container with Tooth, Small Wooden Box, Detroit Red Wings Lip Balm, Record Books with Vintage 45's, Centrios Wireless Speakers, Barometer Made in West Germany, Vintage Currie Display Box, Table Lamps, Wind Up Musical Clown, Patent April 15 1881 Pocket Watch Case, Hummel Style Figurines, Vintage Dutch Doll, Allenburys Pastilles Tin, Royal Doulton Air Canada Dish PS 3605, Vintage Beagle Ash Tray, Hummel Collector Plates x 5, Large Assortment of DVD's, Vintage Wooden Telephone Box x 2, CCM Toronto Blue Jays Hockey Stick x 2, 1949 Audel's New Automobile Guide, Holiday Multi Band Receiver, Battery Operated Wall Clock, Solid State Stereo Automatic Radio 8 Track, Box of Mixed Sports Cards, Batman Cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cards, Superman Cards from 1978, Baseball Cards from 1976, Hockey Cards from 1978 & 1979 & 1981, NHL Official Game Puck Holders, Chipper Jones Rookie Card, Assorted Packs of Baseball Cards, Assorted Packs of Hockey Cards, NBA All-star Collector Cards Set, Large Assortment of Hockey Cards, Spectrum Lead Glass Shade, Vintage Velvet Lined Box with Removable Slide with Glass, Assorted Vintage Tins, Magazine Holder, Assorted Records, Large Assortment of Sonic Screech Fishing Lures (New), Wooden Plant Stand, Cloth Lined Box, Teac 5 Disc Player, Vintage Hair Clippers in Box, Hand Painted Stag Stein, German Beer Steins, Canada Parachute Corp. Pin, Labatt's Lager Ash Tray x 2, Fire Department Christmas Ornaments, Police Christmas Ornaments, Brass Tube with Spoon on Lid, Zippo Niagara Falls Lighter, Sony Frequency Synthesizer/Component TV Tuner, Sony DVD/VHS Player, Large Selection of Comic Books by Bundles of 10, Shwinn Meridian 3 Wheeled Bicycle, China Cabinet, Table with 6 Chairs, Pet Carrier, Micro Furnace, Taylor Weight Scale, 5 Plastic Stackable Chairs, Hay Fork, Shovel, Ice Scrapper, Rat Trap Box, Assorted Nuts and Bolts, CCM Bike Pump, Roll of Pink Poly, C Clamps, Chain Falls, Push Broom, Jiffy 7 Pellet Packs, Assorted Sockets, Turbo Vacuum, Axe, Contractors Wheel Barrels x 2, Memorex VCR, Stainless Double Sink, Exercise Bike, Assorted 5 Gallon Pails with Lids, Heavy Duty Dolly, Vintage Horse Shoe Game (Super Ringer), Assorted Electrical Items, Assorted Hand Tools, Hand Scythe, Berkley Scale and Tape Measure, Aluminum 7 Foot Step Ladder, Aluminum 8 Foot Extension Ladder, RadioShack Keyboard with Stand, Suitcase, Shark Cordless Sweeper, Panasonic Vacuum, Vintage Cut Glass Cream and Sugar Bowl, Set of Three Round Containers, Easter Bunny Decorative Flag, Vintage Cut Glass Bowl, Vintage Cut Glass Oval Dishes, Crystal Stemware, Oven Proof Fish Plates, Nordic Ware Crepes N Things Pan, Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret, Picnic Set in a Bag, Mintek Portable DVD Player in Bag, New Morning Keith Sandulak Bear Figurine, Christmas Decorations, Speedy Lock S34 By White (No Cord), Calligraphy and Lettering Kit, Nail Dryer, Vintage Salad Bowl Set, Vintage Red Glass Canister Jar with Lid, Candle Holders, Lemon and Orange Hot Plates, Master Chef Portable BBQ Grill Kit, Roseville Plant Pot, Wooden Spools, Maynard Hand Mixer, Westinghouse 3 Outlet Wireless Remote Control Receptacle, Bag Lot of Trolls, Apple Paper Weight, Sonny the Seal Game, Bright Starts Basketball Game, Childs Baseball Game, 2004 Cabbage Patch Kid Doll, Occupied Japan Lighters, Beatrix Potter Books, 1930's Nancy Drew Mystery Books, Assorted Antique Collectors Books, Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils with Rack, Large Assortment of Ganz Stuffed Animals, Knife Block, Adjustable Aluminum Cane, 3 Piece Glass Canister Set, Iron Trivets, Vu Point Scanner, Vintage Ash Trays (Olde Smithy, Labatt's, White Horse Ale, Molson's, Double Maxim, Tankard, Carlings, Canada Bud), Vintage Tins (Pascall, Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve, Durham Mustard, Clabber Girl Baking Powder, Snap Hand Cleaner, Boots Throat Pastilles, Drain Pep, Cleveland's Fasteeth), Sloan's Liniment (in Box), Owl Jar Bank, Helix Metal Mathematical Instruments, Jar of Marbles, Large Selection of Postcards, Linesman Telephone, Vintage Pictures, RG Dun Tin, Crawford's Savoy Tin, Brass Ink Well with Pen, Conibear Trap, Portable DVD Player, Straight Razor, Digital Cameras, Sony AM/FM Radio, Large Desk Top Bell, Cast Iron Amish Figurines, Assorted Vintage Stamps, Stereoscope Slides, Candle Holders, Pocket Watch, Card Table and Chairs, Card Table, Tiffany Style Dragonfly Lamp, Industrial Lite 4 Foot Ladder, Assorted Yard Tools, Landscaping Fabric Roll x 2 (New), Cement Prince Frog, Black & Decker Mouse Sander with Pads in Case, Yardworks Leaf Blower Vac, Cast Aluminum Chicken Weather Vane, Wooden TV Tables with Stand, Folding Work Table (Like New), Mastercraft Hammer Drill with Drill Bit Set in Case (Like New), Martin Portable Butane Cooker in Case (New), Bell Black Small Motorcycle Helmet with Neck Warmer, Blue Skull Motorcycle Helmet Medium, Light Up Small Light House, Metal Light House, Blue Neon Clock, Wooden Light House Bird House, Small Wooden Light House, Sony Radio Alarm Clock iPod & iPhone Dock, Miller Python Safety Harness 3600 Pounds, Extra Large Leather & Polyester Motorcycle Chaps, Extra Small Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Extra Large Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Small Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Motorcycle Riding Glasses in Case, The Logo Board Game, Great Land 12 Volt DC Thermo Electric Cooler/Warmer (Like New), Campbell Hausefield Brad Nailer with Nails (Like New), Assorted Air Nozzles, Electrical Connector Kit (New), R2D2 12 Volt USB Power Supply, Ratchet Straps (New), Small Outdoor Table, Red Plastic Small Folding Patio End Tables, Safety Indoor/Outdoor Lights x 5 (New), Porcelain Sailor Doll, Korean Made Stainless Steel Gold Tone Silverware Set in Wooden Case, Porcelain Clown, Salton Meat Slicer, Pyrex Pie Plates, Large Set of Paragon Victoriana Rose Dishes, Metal Outdoor Frog Ornament, Cement Deer, Cement Gnome, Cement Cactus, Large Light Up Light House (4 1/2 Feet Tall), Step 2 Garden Seat on Wheels, Coleman Cooler, Small Gnomes, Assorted Crystal, ErGo Trail LG 930 Snow Shoes with Poles and Goggles in Case, Shakespear Ugly Stick 2 9 Foot Piece Rod with Reel, Black & Decker Workmate 200 Work Bench, Porcelain Tree Frog Made in Mexico, Leg Weights, Patio Storage Box, 3 Tier Metal Plant Shelf, Sprayer, Black & Decker Edge Trimmer, Hatchet, Hack Saw, Clamps, Reciprocating Saw Blade Set (New), Level, Craftsman Engraver (New), Assorted Nails, Safety Glasses, Screws, Seam Grip Seam Sealer, Assorted Hand Tools, Totes x 3, Cement Wall Lion Head, 3 Foot Cement Light House, 10 Pound and 5 Pound Hand Weights, Hand Push Lawn Cutter, Tool Case (Some Pieces Missing), Skilsaw Skill Saw, Small Job Mate Tool Kit Bag, 3/8 Drive Socket Set, Shakespear Fishing Rod with Reel, Frabill Folding Telescopic Landing Net, Shimano Fishing Rod with Reel, Boat Motor Lock, Thule Bike Frame Adapter for Hanging Style Hitch Mount Racks, Receiver with Ball, Keter Plastic Outdoor Patio Storage Bin, Frabill Minnow Bucket, Plano Soft Side Tackle Box ("LOADED"), Deacons Bench, China Cabinet, Heinz Keystone Corner Gift Shop Sign, Large Heinz Ketchup Bottle Sign, Flag Stainless Steel Refillable Fire Extinguisher x 3, Sunbeam Electric Fireplace Heater, Box of Plastic Eggs, Tin Snips Assorted Sizes, Golf Bag Caddy, Plastic Reindeer Set with Santa and Sleigh, Cable Ties, Chain Connectors, Replacement Burners for Electric Stove, Tonka Heater, 24" Pipe Wrench, Mini Screwdriver Set, Jobmate Dremel, Antique Toaster, Mastercraft Electric Stapler, Plane, Antique Wrenches, Water Sprinklers, Axe, Large Homemade Wooden Mallet, Drill Set, Level, Wooden Planter Box, Dremel Accessories, Copper Steel Drum Ash Tray, Chain Binder, Bits and Brace, Glass Insulator, Angle Brackets, Red Tool Box with Assorted Tools, Assorted Castors, Blue Glass Jar with Cork Lid, Pinocchio Hand Puppet, Ammo Box, Pyrex Creamer, Corn Husker, Assorted Wooden Hand Carved Animals, John Deere Toy Tractor, Brass Bells, International Toy Tractor, Staple Gun, Cut Off Wheels, Assorted Drill Bits, Tin Beer Signs, Vintage Medicine Cabinet, Tonka Fire Truck, Antique Bed Warmer, Vintage Wall Letter Holder, Jobmate 30 Piece Jig Saw Blade Set (New), 15 Piece Torx Bit Set (New), Assorted Sand Paper, Rope (New), Metal Cutting Shears (New), Padlock (New), Precision Screw Driver Set (New), Multi Purpose Tool (New), Hack Saws, Deer Cut Out, Turkey Cut Out, Stretch Cords (New), Christmas Train Set (No Tracks), Round Card Table and Chairs, Garden Tools, Folding Tool Bench, Set of Car Ramps, 6 Foot Aluminum Ladder, Gas Can, Boat Motor Kicker Plate, Creeper, Continental Electric Bench Grinder on Metal Wheel Base, Scotts Turf Builder, Canes, Work Shop Storage Cabinet, Trade Master 10" Bench Saw with Stand, Simoniz Power Washer, Mastercraft Folding Saw Horse x 2, Plastic Shelf Unit, Stanley Tool Chest with Keys, Yardworks 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw, Mastercraft 7.2 Volt Cordless Drill (in Box), Outdoor Plastic Pigs x 2, Pick Axe, Wire Brush Set (New), Chain, Blue Tarp, Assorted Oils, Gun Cleaning Kits, Assorted Hose Clamps, Hydraulic Floor Jack, Outboard Props x 3, Sprinklers, Buffalo Mathematical Set, Assorted Gear Pullers, Screwdriver Kit, Assorted Bird Feeders, Wen Car Waxer, Assorted Multi Drawer Table Top Plastic Parts Cabinets (Full), Vintage 1/2 Inch Drive Socket Set, 6013 Welding Rod, Ratchet Strap, Black and Decker Drill, 12 Volt Emergency Light, Pry Bar, Assorted Hammers, Complete Set of Letters and Numbers Stamps, Drill Bits, Beaver Meter Stick, Miter Box, Propane Torch, Caulking Gun, Brad Nailer, Bock and Tackle, Security Mirror, Antique Price Guide Books, Towing Mirrors, Jack, Jack Stands, Jeep Vehicle Cover, Fishing Rod Holders, Level, Painting Supplies, Salton Electric Food Slicer, Car Mats, Weller Soldering Gun, Stanley Plane, Brigham Pipe, Nail Puller, Hose Wheel, Assorted Squares, Welding Helmet, Gel Knee Pads, 500 Feet of Strapping, Torpedo Winter Heat Snow Sled with Brakes, Ice Pick x 2, Assorted Sandpaper, Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer, Electricians Drill Bit, West German Axe 2 1/2 Pounder, Black Tool Box of Mastercraft Screw Drivers, Vintage Coleman Camp Stove, Dolly Cart, Jobmate Jig Saw with Assorted Bits, Wheel Wrench, Folding Step Stool, Pop Rivets, Moto Master Outboard Motor Oil 5 Liters, Dura Block Nano Meter, Compressor Head, Blue Point Digital Tachometer, Bate Gammon, Berlin Diary 1934-1941 Book, Vintage Caframo Electric Heater, Tecumseh Motor, Set of Arctic Spurs, Rapala Fillet Glove, Assorted Funnels, Antique Mirror, Moto Master Submersible Stop and Tail Light, Bench Top Drill Press, Craftsman 60 Liter Shop Vac, Surround Sound Speakers, Shop Vac 10 Gallons, Mastercraft Submersible Pond/Utility Pump (New), Black & Decker 400 Folding Work Bench, Craftsman Router Table and Bits, Mastercraft Variable Speed Table Top Drill Press, Delta Bench Top Band Saw, Cash Drawer with Keys, Stihl FS38 Weed Whip, Toro Recycler 22" Self Propelled Mower with Bagger, Honda EG1400X Generator, Toro 5 HP 20" Snow Blower (Primer Bulb Needs to be Replaced), Mastercraft Maximum 18Volt Cordless Drill (in case), Mastercraft Heat Gun with Attachments (in case), Craftsman Dremel and Bit Set (in case), Makita 9.6 Volt Cordless Drill (in case), Ambient Sensing Thermostat, Large Assortment of Zip Ties, Large Selection of Rope, Tool Belts, Extension Cords, Jobmate Saw Kit, Levels, Metal Meter Sticks, Large Selection of Drill Bits, Pipe Wrenches, Jobmate Ratcheting T Driver Set (New), License Plate Covers, Surefire Propane Torch Kit, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Mastercraft Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, Mastercraft Magnetic Bit Set, Vintage General Electric Hair Dryer, Christmas Ornaments, Luggage, Six Game Combination Set, Worx Leaf Vacuum Bagger, Brown Recorder, Magellan Road Mate 9055-LM GPS, Tool Boxes with Assorted Tools, Vintage Sears Typewriter, Timers, Equus Testing Equipment Set, Disney Christmas Ornaments, Oil Lamps, Danby 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner, Linens, Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments, Large Electric Roasting Cooker, Wait Gas Furnace, Table Top Utility Bins (Loaded), Garage Stool on Wheels, Axe Golf Clubs, Titanium Golf Balls, Mini Anvil, Vises, Adjustable Pet Ramp, Folding Plastic Table, Bush Line Outdoor Chest Waders Size 10, Mastercraft Hawkeye Laser Level (in case), Large Selection of Plumbing Solder, Mastercraft Tap & Die Set (in case), Freddy Fresh Pucks, Large Taps, Sand Paper, Mastercraft Driver with Accessories (in case), Hole Saws, Skill Saw Blades, Pressure Gage (New), Heinz Tomato Ketchup Golf Club Cover, Golf Ball Monogrammer, Large Selection of Heinz Ketchup Bottle Pins, Large Selection of Leamington Hockey Pins, Milk Bottles, Paint Brushes, Glue Gun, Car Waxer, Bike Pump, Mastercraft Multi Cutter Precision Saw Kit, 8 Track Tapes, Large Selection of Channel Locks, Nut Drivers, Large Selection of Screwdrivers, Digital Multi Meter, Energizer Quick Switch Flash Light, Leamington Shopping Bags, Golf Tees, Square D Breaker Switches, Large Selection of Golf Balls, Double Halogen Construction Lite, Fire-Fyter Safe with Key and Combination, Large Selection of Cotton Work Gloves (New), Muskoka Outdoor Fountain 19" W x 14" D x 24" H, McCaskey Combination Safe (Open No Combination), Large Selection of Rubber and Chemical Gloves (New), Black & Decker Mouse Sander/Polisher (in case), DeWalt Heavy Duty Cut Out Tool, Mastercraft 4 1/2 in Angle Grinder, Bosch Recip Saw, Hilti TM8 Reversible Hammer Drill, Skil Saw, Hammer Drill, Planner, Die Grinder, Assorted Battery Chargers, Jig Saws, Proto Combination Wrenches Set Size 1 1/8 to 1/4 in, Green Lee Set of Electrical Knock Outs, Trouble Lights, 1 Man Tent, Wood Boring Bits, Vise Grips, Pry Bars, Brackets, Spade Bit Set, Screw Driver Bit Set, Mastercraft Stapler, 220 Heater, Flameless Heat Blower, Golf Club Cleaning Kit, Set of 4 Outdoor Chairs with Cushions, Tool Pouches, Locks, Sears Craftsman 2 Drawer Tool Chest with Craftsman Tool Set, 3 Drawer Tool Chest with Assorted Tools, Hand Painted Hand Saws, Large Assortment of And Carved Birds, Hand Painted Circular Saw Blades, Assorted Hand Painted Slate, and Much More Not Listed.

Robert Gole - Auctioneer

Cash or Cheque with I.D.

Consignments Always Welcome For Future Sales
PHONE: 226-344-8741 or 226-344-1732
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Wednesday January 23 2019
Sale Starts At 9:45 AM

Community Centre
23 Parkside Drive
St. Jacob's, Ontario

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for an area estate with additions

Highlights include: household effects; furniture;
antiques; tools; primitives; and miscellaneous items.

Partial only: blanket box; pine drop leaf table; pine bonnet chest; pine table with drawer; smoke stand; 2 rockers; 6 press back chairs; treadmill; leather office chair; 2 drawer oak chest of drawers; oak table; pine shelf; pine table; oak chest of drawers; arm chairs; matching maple book shelves; 4 matching chairs; retro record player and speakers; magazine stand; bookshelf; rocker; oil lamps; vintage toys; waterfall cedar chest; maple bookshelf; records; hall table; half moon table; leather recliner and couch; lazy boy; wheel chair; walker; hard cover luggage; Ultramatic single bed new; hall table; sewing machine and stand; silver set; magazine stand; small bookcase; double bed; wood canister set; single bed with pillow top mattress; wine rack shelf; early 1900;s rocker; Advertising pieces; drop leaf table; pedestal oak table; small wooden box; old blanket box; 4 press back chairs; smoke stand; washstand; telephone table; vintage lamp shades; gun powder tins; telephone books; 1800's books; fishing reels; supplies; books; etc; flatware; toys; puzzles; calendars; tin signs; photos; jack knives; vintage kitchenware; granite; quantity of older glass and china; crystal; depression; old kitchenware; oil lamps; crocks; jugs; washboard; vintage linens; cookware; Tupperware; cheese dish; silverware; lawnmower; lawn chairs; ladders; file cabinet; variety of hand; power; and lawn and garden tools.

10% buyers premium
Cash, Visa, Mastercard and debit.

Jantzi Auctions Ltd.
Wellesley 519 656 3555

Tuesday January 22 2019
Multiple Previews As Noted In Ad

21 King St. East
Colborne, Ontario

Highway 401 Exit 497 (Big Apple) 3 Min. Straight South

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Bidding Open
Friday January 18th to Tuesday January 22nd 7PM

Auction Previews
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 11AM-3PM January 11/12/13/18/19/20

Friday/Saturday/Sunday January 25/26/27 11-3
21 KING St. East Colborne, Ontario

AUCTION FEATURES A LARGE QTY OF ESTATE JEWELRY 9KT to 18KT Gold, CDN & INTERNATIONAL LISTED ARTISTS ART-Cdn Listed Artists Richard (Dick) Ferrier OCA, Francis Fitzroy Dixon, Len Amos, Don Chase native Ojibway, Helen p. Baillie, Winnifred s. Neale, Michael Jack(Whitby), Kaye Stothers,David Drum, M. Tomasik, Antonin Dimitrov, American Listed Artist-Lee Reynolds, British Artist-Edwin Lawson James Harris (1891-1961), Scottish artist- George Lowthian Hall (1825-1888), L.S. Lowry Victorian Tile by Sherwin & Cotton, Bronze Bust of a Girl by Bernardo Balestrieri, Sterling Silver, MID-CENTURY MODERN, ART DECO, SIGNED STUDIO GLASS to incl. Robert Held, ART POTTERY-to incl. A Monumental Vase by Noted Cdn Potter Harlan House,Military,Inuit & First Nations,VINTAGE Advertising, VINTAGE & ANTIQUE TOYS TO INCL. DOLLS & TEDDY BEARS( SOME STEIFF),Britains Lead Soldiers, Primitives, FOLK ART, Vintage Fishing Lures,Decorative Arts to incl. A Large Lladro Nude Figurine, Collectibles TO INCL. 2 SINGER 221


Saturday January 19 2019
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM



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Live auction come bid on site


ANTIQUES & FURNITURE: pharmacy/doctors cabinet with glass shelves, unusual church rotating Bible stand, Malcolm mahogany server, carved drop front desk, Bonnet chest, fancy parlour table, antique kitchen table with and drawer, pressback chairs, rod iron plant stand with pot, pine cabinet, Rod iron plant stand, corner cabinet, Oak double pedestal desk, Oak office chair, enamel top table, pub style tables with iron bases, round oak center pedestal table with 3 leaves, antique bed, hump back trunks, antique secretary desk, Empire style oak china cabinet, parlour tables, parlour chairs.

GLASS & CHINA: partial set Royal Doulton "Gold Concorde" dinnerware, Moorcroft demi tasse set, biscuit barrel, Greens mixing bowl, Delft platter, Moorcroft ash trays, The Huntsman pitcher - made in England, Jug and Basin circa 1860's hand painted Hallmarked "scarce", brown iron stone bowl, marble cheese board with 11 inch glass dome, 3 glass paperweights, 2 nesting hens, spirit of 76 Dash USA plate, silver-plate bowl.

SIGNS &Advertising: Prince Albert crimp cut pipe and cigarette tobacco, Bonbons sweetest maid candies, Edge Worth pipe tobacco, Bugler cigarette tobacco, Rose Baking Powder, Castrol Oil, En-Ar-Co motor oil, Marvel Mystery Oil - top cylinder lubrication, Wolfs Head Hydraulic oil, White Rose motor oil, B/A motor oil, Shell glass motor oil bottle, glass oil bottle with spout, Dino Gasoline model gas pumps, Prevent Fires - Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, No Parking, The Dominion of Canada Insurance Co, Perfect Circle Piston Rings clock, Red Crown gasoline, Detective comics, Justice League America, porcelain ashtrays, two Carlings Red Cap Ale, O'Keefe's Old Stock Ale, British American Cincinnati Cream Lager, Players Extra Light ash tray, Texaco round sign, Sinclair Dino round gasoline sign, Buckingham Cigarettes sign, Wishing Well Drinks chalkboard sign, 7-Up metal push bar, the Toronto Star - on sale here metal push bar, The Telegram Newspaper sign, Export A Cigarettes chalkboard sign.

COLLECTABLES: Orrery 1950 Trippensee Planetarium Co. Model EL-500, Coin Operated weigh scale, Coke Cooler - Saint Thomas Metal Signs 1946, vintage fishing lures - some with original boxes, South Bend Automatic fly fishing rod & reel, fly tying kit, wooden ships wheel, PA - Siren speaker Mod CP25 Federal Sign & Signal Corp., USA, wooden airplane propeller, Airplane top smoker stand, Noxons cast iron implement seat with horse hame base and horseshoe, weather vane, Fender deluxe 85 amp, Argus Cinemax movie camera, Ilford sportsman 35 MM camera made in Germany, Cine Kodak model B movie camera, Yoighander camera, Zeus's Ikon Prontor - S camera, GE kitchen wall clock, tackle boxes with tackle and lures, cast iron owl, Religious print in oak frame, antique cigar press (late 1800s German), Jumbo bottle, 2 Pewter horses on wooden bases, antique cash box, Colonel Sanders figure, Corona folding portable typewriter in case, Underwood No 3, 14 inch type writer, Thorens table top gramophone, Coronet portable gramophone, assorted 78 records, license plates, Railway Crossing sign, CPR insulator, CPR lantern, CNR lantern, Canadian Pacific first aid kit, horse and swan hood ornaments, old churn, crocks, cigar stand, pipe, Burrow, Stewart and Milne Company Limited 3 pound scale, Pelouze Evanston Illinois Supreme scale, Triner Scale & Mfg. Co. Model #8-T 8oz scale, made in Chicago, Fairbanks 10 pound scale, antique wooden scale, assorted draft beer handles, match holder, keys, western horse pipe holder and ashtray, large brass pot, large iron pot, The illustrated London News - Coronation Record Number 1937, complete 12 issues of 1968 |Playboy Magazines, 2 gallon crock with finger handle - Minerl Water Co. Limited C.E.A. Langlois Manager St. Leon Que, fancy bird cage, Mickey Mouse phone, C I L Blasting Machine, egg crate, Folk Art chickens, cattle skull, Western framed poster, wooden rope block, Deforest Crosley floor model radio, Electrohome Roland Series Mod 5C1BH Turquoise, RCA Victor Little Master 111A radio, Lifco Regal radio with Selechron Movement, Philips Model R176 Short Wave radio, quantity of assorted radio tubes, re-purposed Spartan radio cabinet, leather desk set, vintage case, Rocky Mountains of Canada hand coloured Photogravures, light fixtures, globe, six wooden Decoys, figural base ashtray stand, decorative Knight in Armor, oil cans, Uncle Sam's three coin register bank, Red Rock Cola bottle, brass book stand, brass ship book ends, desk set with ink well, globe, Egyptian figure, Led Zeppelin poster, Kiss poster, the Clash poster, the Grateful Dead poster, Skull 926 poster, King Kong movie poster, wooden water skis, gumball machine, copper desk lamp, Canada dry and 7-Up pop crates, White Rock ginger ale crate, cast iron bird bath, bulldog smoker stand, loggers Pike pole, copper decorative edging, Iron torch candle holders, lanterns with shields, "Anna" original oil paintings, sword, TOYS: El Torro 2 player Pinball machine, MAR - made in USA tin tractor with tracks, The Dogpatch 4 mechanical tin toy by Unique Art Manufacturing Co Inc, Old - timer Auto Bus, assorted Corgi toys in box, vintage sleigh, die cast cars,

TOOLS/MISCELLANEOUS: Antique tools, adz, Broad Axe, multi compartment job box, vintage wood stove, cast iron antique water pump, Cast iron bells, antique Corn grinder, Axion speakers, Altus speakers.

All items sold "As Is", cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, 13% Buyers Premium including Credit Card Premium for all Online Bidders, 13% Buyers Premium for all attending - 3% discount for cash, debit. Successful internet bidders will receive their invoice following the auction and the Credit Card used for registration will be charged to pay for purchases, shipping available-charges apply.
Lunch by Kawartha East Lions Club
Additional Parking in Back Yard
Note time 10am-make plans to attend

Sales Arena/Office 2194 Little Britain Rd., Lindsay
Office 705-324-2783 Toll Free 800-461-6499 Fax 705-324-6632
View list, photos, terms, updates place prebids online or bid from home/phone by Online Webcast at

Members of Ontario Auctioneers Associations, NAA, Canadian Personal Property Appraisers
Owners, Auctioneers and Staff not responsible for accidents or property loss.
All verbal announcements take precedence over written advertisements

Saturday January 19 2019
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM
Preview 9:00 AM

Community Centre
15980 Concession 7
Pottageville, Ontario

Highway 400 To Exit 52 Lloydtown-Aurora Rd (One exit south of Highway 9).
Go West 3 km To 7th Concession And South 1 km To Hall or
Highway 27 To Lloydtown-Aurora Rd And East 4km To 7th Concession.
1/2 Hour North Of Toronto And 40 Minutes South Of Barrie

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A Rob Sage Auction

Large, Quality Offering Including Antique & Mid Century Modern Furnishings; Primitives & Country Decor; Early Electric & Coal Oil Lighting; Lanterns; Clocks; Original Artwork & Prints; Porcelain Signs; Toys; Singer 222k Sewing Machine; Hooked Rugs; Decoys; Sleighs; Signed Wooden Boxes; Tins; Oil Bottles; And Much More!

Full Details With Over 250 Photos

Good Food Booth. Parking & Seating.
Air Conditioned, Wheelchair Accessible.

Additional Parking On The West Side Of The Road Only.

All Items To Be Removed Day Of Auction.
We DO Have A Delivery Service Available At Your Expense.


Always Looking For Primitives & Country Items, Country Furniture, Sterling Silver, Clocks, Original Artwork, Advertising, Antique Toys, Etc. Whatever You Have Please Call Me, And If I Can't Include Your Items In Our Auctions, I Am Always Happy To Suggest Other Options With You.

Please Contact Me ASAP
If You Have Items Your Are Interested In Consigning.

Pick With The Pickers ... Deal With The Dealer
Learn From The Collectors
All Part Of The Experience Of
A LIVE, Country Auction!

Saturday January 19 2019
Sale Starts At 9:00 AM
Preview As Noted In Ad

Leamington Lebanese Club
447 Highway 77 South
Leamington, Ontario

From Windsor: Take #3 bypass to Highway 77 & turn left to Auction
From Chatham or East: Take 401 West to Exit 48, Highway 77 South to Leamington

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Selling the Estate of
the late Dr. Walter Romano of Windsor
plus additions


Collectibles: Edison Fireside cylinder record player w/outside horn; quantity of cylinder records; large spinning wheel; wool winder; leaded glass; unique early hand held bell; school house bell; large bell; early cast iron dog; large slide rule; hat boxes; early buggy; microscope; alto saxophone; clarinet; humidor; 6ft. slide rule; angle measure; bronze stamp; cow bell; rooster weathervane; John Deere thermometer; wood carvings; apothecary Dr. Bean (London); finger labyrinth (spiritual method); set of marionettes; child's telescope; large quantity of boxed vintage toys, i.e. Star Wars Storm Trooper Blaster; Dark Knight 31 inch; Walking Iron Man remote control; etc.; ashtrays; bullet ashtray; large quantity of dolls in boxes; Ken & Barbie doll sets; Gone With The Wind Barbie & Rhett Butler: doll house; wicker doll chair; small wicker house; child's sewing machine; wrought iron child's bed; toy china tea set; marbles & clay marbles; butterfly collection; bug collection; crocks & jugs; car horn; lanterns; Coke Advertising; wine sign; ukulele; Harry Potter books; sewing machine; 2-featherweight sewing machines; small train set; electric guitar; cast iron frog; collection of lighters & paperweights; early syrup jar "W. Ridgeway & Son"; small Bakelite turn table; 1967 Centennial flags; U.S. flag; Miner's Autolite; wooden planes; old cameras; quantity of unique bridge lamps; organ lamp; large Gothic fixture; leaded glass fixture; leaded glass table lamps; nickel plated "Funeral Coach" sign; comic books; old canes; stenciled wooden boxes; wooden wagon wheels; cream cans; Heinz collectibles; sled; broad axe; hand pump; Coca Cola cooler; Hiram Walker & Sons crock; Walkerville Brewing Co. Advertising; Fire & Rescue pedal car; etc.

Quantity of Clocks: German Vienna Regulator Westminster chimes; gingerbread clock; Victorian parlour clock; ship clocks; mantle clocks; Lux clocks; China clock; Mission oak wall clock; Pequegnat clock; Newer grandfather clock; and other clocks; clock keys; etc.

Art: Framed watercolour by W.F. Stidworthy "The Barns"; Framed 10 X 9 ¼ wood engraving in colour on Rives paper by Salvador Dali "Guardian Angels of the Valley" (1951-64); oil on board signed Tom Low 1952; painting by P.R. Kochler N.Y. 1905; early signed oil on board; Shirley Masters pencil sketch; 2-A.J. Casson prints; 2-Tom Thompson prints; 7-Walter Campbell prints; Harold Burton print; 24 X 24 framed Pocahontas; etc;

Glassware, China & Sterling Silver: Royal Doulton figurines; Royal Doulton Toby's; Vintage Royal Doulton china; Murano glass; pinwheel crystal; crystal decanters; green depression; rooster & chickens; Iris pitcher & goblets; glass flowers; crystal candy dish, bowl, cream & sugars; salt & peppers; large cheese dish; wine decanters & candle holders; cookie jar; wine glasses; small candle holders; large quantity of copper accent pieces;4-piece brass coffee/tea set; 100 pieces of International Sterling Silver flatware "Rhapsody Pattern"; claret pitcher (wine) sterling silver; sterling silver coffee pot & tea pot; Rodgers silverplate flatware; Community plate flatware; Rodgers flatware & extras; etc.

Antique & Modern Furniture: 54-drawer ¼ cut oak stacking file cabinet; early walnut bonnet chest; 1911 burled walnut pump organ desk w/cylinder roll; oak 3-section stacking bookcase; oak 4-drawer file cabinet; walnut china cabinet; oak barley twist rocker & arm chair; pair of oak 2-drawer file cabinets; burled rocker; ¼ cut oak desk; 2-round oak tables; clawfoot oak oval coffee table; Duncan Phyfe table & 6-chairs; walnut dresser; Jenny Lind bed; newer flat to the wall; 2-pine corner shelves; small butler table; small oak lamp table; drop leaf table; walnut desk; china cabinet; spinet desk; washstand; piano stool w/back; ball & claw piano stool; 2-china cabinets; small drop front desk; maple table & 4-chairs; small table & 4-chairs; 4-pressback chairs; decorator pieces; narrow glass china cabinet; 3-Victorian chairs; small coffee table; large gilded mirror; newer side table w/drawer; set of 4 nesting tables; sofa table; 2-office chairs; 1930's dresser; wicker pieces; wrought iron décor pieces; wrought iron table; press back rocker; carved walnut pump organ top; large rocker; tea cart (as found); shabby sheek items; furniture in the rough; etc.

Jewellery, Purses, Coins: costume jewellery; 14kt gold Waltham pocket watch; jewellers lathe; Louis Vitton purse; 2-Coach purses & other purses; Canadian Mint sets & bills; U.S. coin sets; etc.

Miscellaneous: new leaded glass for entrance door; Panamax home theater; Blue Ray DVD; Yamaha receiver; Yamaha DVD; Koss DVD; Yamaha CD player; Sony Stereo; 2-Bose speakers; humidifier; small wine fridge; Dyson DC66; tackle box & rods; patio set w/4-chairs; outdoor cement ornaments & pots; 3-chain saws; Toro self propelled lawn mower w/bag; new walker; transport wheel chair; and much more not listed!

Viewing day of sale from 7:00 A.M.

Terms of Sale
Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Debit. (no cheques)
All sales are final, as is, where is, without guarantees or warrantees
All descriptions are believed to be correct.
All verbal announcements take precedents over printed matter
Lacasse Auctions Inc. is not responsible for accidents day of sale.

(519) 687-3541 or toll free 1-877-811-5297
Auctioneers: Jean-Marc and Brenda Lacasse


Saturday January 19 2019
Sale Starts At 9:30 AM

Jacob Auction Centre,
185 Herbert Street
Mitchell, Ontario

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A Jacob Toy Auction

Please Note
Sale will be sold in Catalogued Order
starting with Alphabetical lots, followed by Numerical lots.
Catalogue is a guide only.
Auctioneers not responsible for Errors or Omissions.

View Catalogue in Excel Format

AOliver SP Models 35 and 40 Combine Sales Literature (2pcs, each 20 pages)
BCockshutt 18 Pull Type Combine Literature (7 pages)
CCockshutt Wooden Stamps (3pcs)
DTractor Serial Number Index 1900 to 1965 Booklet
ECockshutt Club Newsletter Book/Mac's Cockshutt Notebook (2pcs)
FFord 445-545/Skidsteer Sales Literature (3pcs)
GFord 4600-5600/NH TR86 and TR96 Combine Literature (3pcs)
HMemories of Engineering at Cockshutt by Ivan F. MacRae
I Cockshutt Homecoming Festival 2000 Booklet
J6pcs Assorted Gleaner Sales Pamphlets
KCockshutt Price List Book 1938-1942 (2pcs)
L1941 Cockshutt Long and Short, Corn or Row Binder Operating Manual (original, 1941)
MFord Power for Production Sales Literature (1951, poor condition)/Ford Loader Brochure 1957
NFlexible Farming Booklets 1940's (Ford-Ferguson, 2pcs)
OKubota M4950-6950-7950 Tractor Literature (4pcs)
PCockshutt Parts Price Lists 1962-1963 (3pcs)
QChallenger MT200B-500B-600B-700C Sales Literature (4pcs)
RCockshutt 1950's Magazine Advertising Pages (reprints) 22pcs
SCockshutt 1950's Magazine Advertising Pages (reprints) 22pcs
TFord 2000-5000 Operators Manual (original)
UVersatile 9030 Operators Manual (2pcs)
VFord 8700-9700/TW10-30 Operators Manuals (2pcs)
WWhite Threshing Machine Catalogue 1911 (reprint)
XCockshutt 540 thru 570 Tractor Service Manual (reprint)
YCockshutt 20 thru 50 Service Manuals (2pcs, reprints)
ZFord 601 and 801 Operators Manuals (original)
AAFord NAA Owners Manual (Original)
BBFord 1940 Home Almanac
CC1950's Ford Quick Facts Brochure (2pcs)-1970's Pocket Guide to Ford Tractors
DDCockshutt 30 and E3 Tractor Manual and 35 Shop Manual (2pcs, reprints)
EECockshutt 35 Operators Manual (reprint)
FFAssorted Cockshutt Parts and Operating Manuals (9pcs)
GGCockshutt 1650-1850-1855 Operators Manuals (3pcs)
HHCockshutt Combine Parts and Operators Manuals (4pcs)
II Double decker buses (2) 1/76 Dinky
JJDouble decker buses 1/76 EFE/Matchbox/Corgi/Wally/Budgie (16 sell on choice)
KK1912 Cockshutt Magazine laminated (10pcs) Implement Advertising Pages
LL1980's Ford Tractor and Equipment Booklet (71 pages)
MM1970's Ford Tractor and Equipment Booklet (47 pages)
NN1960's Ford 7000 Tractor Brochure (2pcs, both different)
OOCockshutt Advertising pages from Farmers Advocate (29 pages, in plastic sleeves in binder)
PPThree issues of MM Corresponder 1998-1999 (in binder)
QQCoke Holiday Ornaments on cards (7pcs)
RRFord 6600/7600/7700 original sales literature (3pc)
SSFord TW Series tractor Advertising booklets (2 different)
TTCockshutt 50 Series Demonstration fold-out brochure
UUVersatile 555/895/150 Series 2/150 Series 3 Advertising booklets (4pcs)
VVFord 1000 Series Tractor Brochures (3 different)
WWFord 32-52hp "10 Series" tractor Advertising booklets (4pcs)
XXMH Advertising Pages Tractor/Combine/Implements (9 pages, reprint)
YYCockshutt Original Tractor Magazine Pages (12 pages, bound and laminated)
ZZCockshutt Magazine Advertising pages (7 pages, laminated)
AAAMassey 9005 Series Combine Booklet (43 pages)
BBBMF 2600/500/6400 Tractor Booklets (3pcs)
CCCFord Implement Brochures 1970's-1980's 11pcs
DDDFord 70's-80's Compact Tractor Attachments Brochures (7pcs)
EEEFord-Versatile 930/946/976 Sales Literature (3pcs)
FFFFord Genesis 70 Series Tractor Advertising Booklet (31 pages)
GGGFord 10 Series 62-86hp Tractor Advertising Books (3 different)
HHHFord 30 Series 32-55hp Tractor Brochures/Orchard Tractor Brochure (2pcs)
IIIFord 10 Series 32-52hp/62-86hp/95hp Sales Literature (3pcs)
JJJNuffield 3-45/4-65 and Fendt 900 Sales Literature (2pcs)
KKKAssorted double decker buses Llado/Matchbox/Majorette/Corgi/Lesney (lot of 18pcs)
LLLJD/NH/Walker Lawnmower Brochures (9pcs)
MMMJD 1970's Wire Bound lawn mower Advertising booklets (2, reprints)
NNNMF 1500/500/6400/8400 sales Advertising booklets (4pcs)
OOOAssorted Implement Dealer Calendars (40pcs)
PPPToy Farmer Magazines (approx. 63) 1999-2007
QQQToy Farmer Magazines (approx. 59) 2008-2015
RRRCase 580E Backhoe 1/16 Ertl
SSSCase 580E Backhoe 1/16 Ertl
TTTCase 1550 Dozer 1/16 Ertl
UUUCase 1550 Dozer 1/16 Ertl
VVVFord 755A Backhoe 1/16 Ertl
WWWCase W30 Payloader 1/16 Ertl
1Steiger Wildcat Series 1 1/32 ErtlY
2Steiger Panther CP1400 1/32 Scale Models Y
3JD AR 1/16 Ertl
4JD 140 Lawn Tractor 1/16 Precision Y
5JLG Scissor Lift 1/32 JLG Y
6CIH MXU115-MX215-SPX4420-WDX1902-STX530-1/64 ErtlY
7Ford County 754 Super Four 1/16 Ertl
8AC Model K crawler 1/16 Speccast Y
9AC H3 crawler High Detail 1/16 Speccast Y
10Oliver 2655 '05 National Toy Show 1/64 ErtlY
11IH 4366 '06 National Toy Show 1/64 Ertl Y
12JD D '05 CIFES 1/16 Ertl Y
13English Fordson '90 CIFES 1/16 Ertl Y
14Car Garage Equipment 1/18 Kins Fun Y
15Farmall 460 1/16 Precision (Hitch not attached)Y
16Cockshutt 1950T (1of1250) 20th Anniv. National Toy Museum 1/16 Ertl Y
17Home Hardware #9 1931 Hawkeye 1/34 Ertl Y
18Home Hardware #1 Series 3 '36 Fargo Bank 1/25 Y
19Home Hardware #4 Series 3 '16 Studebaker Pickup 1/24Y
20Home Hardware #2 Series 3 '47 IH pickup 1/25Y
21Two Standi header wagons and JD 8020 Ertl 1/64 (3pcs)Y
22Cockshutt 1555 '94 CIFES 1/16 Ertl Y
23Challenger MF775E Agco 25th Anniv. 1/32 Y
24JD 50-520-530 Collector Series #1 1/64 ErtlY
25JD 50-520-530 Collector Series #2 1/64 ErtlY
26Agcostar 8425 (signed, triples) and Big Bud 400-30 1/64 Ertl (2pcs)
27Chev 1500 Suburban 1/24
281995 Chev 3500 Dually Pickup 1/24
291996 Chev 3500 Dually Pickup 1/24
30JD Patio Series 140 with Tiller 1/16 Ertl Y
31JD Patio Series 140 with Mower Deck 1/16 Ertl Y
32JD Patio Series 140 with Blade 1/16 Ertl Y
33Kubota L245 tractor and RTV900 1/36 (2pcs)
34JD 60-620-630 Historical Set 1/64 ErtlY
35Big Bud Int. Semi Ertl Y
36JD Flat Rack Wagon 1/16 PrecisionY
37JD A Narrow 1/16 Ertl Y
38Ferguson FE35 1/16 UH Y
39Case 800 narrow and wide (2pcs) 1/64 ErtlY
40Elmira Toy Show '09 1957 Dodge Pickup 1/25 LibertyY
41Elmira Toy Show 2012 1948 Ford Panel 1/25 LibertyY
42Oliver 77 2007 CIFES 1/16 Speccast Y
43Kubota belt (chrome)
44IH belt (brass)
45Farmall MD with loader 1/16 Precision Y
46CTC 75th Anniv. 6pc Car Set Matchbox Y
47Titan STR-360 with Duals 1/32 Ertl Y
48CIH 695 '95 Woodstock Show (signed) 1/16 Ertl Y
49Ferguson TO35 1/16 UH Y
50Home Hardware #10 Horse and Wagon Bank 1/25 Ertl Y
51Home Hardware 1913 Model T Bank 1/25 Ertl Y
52Home Hardware Series 3 #5 1954 Int. Pickup 1/25 Y
53Home Hardware #1 Series 2 1942 Chev Truck 1/25 Y
54JD 70 '96 National Toy Museum 1/16 Ertl Y
55JD 60 Orchard 1/16 Ertl Y
56JD 620 Orchard 1/16 Ertl Y
57JD A on steel Precision Y
58JD Unstyled L 1/16 SC Y
594 Mack BM and CJ trucks (Coke) 4pcs 1/64 Hartoy Y
60JD Freightliner Semi 50th Year of Combines 1/64 Ertl Y
61JLG E33MJ Boom Man Lift 1/32 JLGY
62JLG 2646ES Scissor Lift 1/32 JLG Y
63IH 684 '97 Woodstock (signed) 1/16 Ertl Y
64Farmall 706 '92 Woodstock (signed) 1/16 Ertl Y
65Case 2470 '07 National Toy Show 1/32 Ertl Y
66Ault Ford Semi with Pup 1/64 Ertl
67Premier JD 8430, 730, 4440, and Farmall 1206 1/64 Ertl (on choice)Y
68JD 2640 Field of Dreams '90 SE 1/16 Ertl
69JD 5020 1/16 Ertl (no muffler)
70JD 6400 1993 SE 1/16 Ertl
71IH 784 '99 Woodstock (signed) 1/16 Ertl
72Ford Jubilee 1/16 Ertl Y
73Quaker State Freightliner Semi 1/64 SC Y
74Versatile Peterbilt Semi 1/64 LibertyY
75Radio Shack Kenworth Semi 1/64 Ertl Y
76Dairy Queen Freightliner Semi 1/64 SCY
77MM 2 Star Crawler High Detail 1/16 SC Y
78Farmall M 1/16 Precision Y
79Ford 8340 '92 CE 1/16 ErtlY
80Oliver Model Panel and Outdoor Farm Show Ford F350 Pickup (2pcs) 1/32
81Oliver Super 77 narrow 1/16 Precision Y
82Steiger Bearcat 2 (duals) 1/16 Ertl Y
83Oliver 1655 wide 1/16 Ertl Y
84White 700 '84 Dyersville 1/16
854 Home Hardware Assorted Delivery Trucks (on cards) 1/64 Y
86Oliver 66-77-88 set 1/16 SCY
87CIH Quadtrac 1996 CE (signed) 1/16 SCY
88Farmall 400 with cultivator 50th Anniv. High Detail 1/16 Ertl Y
89AC WC on steel SE 1/16 Y
90Coke Calender Girl Semi (2pc) MatchboxY
91Ertl 3 Furrow Plow
92JD 100 Year Anniv. Walking Plow Y
93JD 4430 Precision Key 1/16 ErtlY
94McCormick MTX145 1/32 UH Y
95AC D12 Series 2 1/16 SCY
96Pair of Dapple Grey draft horses (plastic)
97Oliver Super 99 Diesel High Detail 1/16 SCY
98Oliver 2655 '05 National Toy Show 1/32 ErtlY
99JD 1942 Ford Pickup Bank 1/43 Gearbox Y
100JD Ford Fire Truck 1/43 Gearbox Y
101JD Chev 1941 Pickup 1/43 Gearbox Y
102Mack R Dump Truck 1/34 First Gear Y
103JD 630LP '89 SE 1/16 ErtlY
104JD HWH '99 Two Cyl. Expo 1/16 Ertl Y
105JD B on Steel '96 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
106Farmall 460 and 560 set 1/16 Ertl Y
107JD 4010 1/16 Ertl
108Farmall Super M-TA narrow 1/16 Ertl
109Ford 9N 1/16 Ertl
110Ford 901, Farmall 300, Case 600 '86 National Show (3pc) 1/64Y
111Ford TW-15 1/16 Ertl
112IH 1586 1/16 Ertl Y
113IH 1086 1/16 Ertl
114JD 3-wheel Tractor on Steel ('96 Nashville) 1/16
115JD BR on Steel '88 SE 1/16 Ertl
116JD Spoker D '99 CE 1/16 Ertl
117Harvestore Salt and Peppers
118CTC 40's Ford Wrecker 1/24 Golden Wheel Y
119CTC 40's Ford Panel Bank (Red) 1/24 Golden Wheel Y
120CTC 40's Ford Panel Bank (Gold) 1/24 Golden Wheel Y
121McCormick Flare Box Wagon 1/16 Precision Y
122CIH Harvester and Heads 1/16 Ertl Y
123Boehmers Mack Redi-Mix Truck 1/34 1st Gear Y
124Manitou Mack Redi-Mix Truck 1/34 1st GearY
125CTC Remote Control Semi Tanker New BrightY
126JLG 1250AJP Articulating Boom Lift 1/32 JLG Y
127Large Case Steam Engine Millenium Classics Ertl Y
128Cockshutt 1940 Ford PU 1/25 SCY
129Cockshutt 1937 Ford Panel Bank 1/25 SC Y
130Cockshutt 1957 Chev Stake Truck 1/25 SC Y
131Cockshutt 1937 Ford PU 1/25 SCY
132JD 7800 w/duals 1/16 ErtlY
133IH 1586 4WD 1/16 Ertl Y
134Big Bud 16V-747 760 HP 1/32 DCPY
135Big Bud 16V-747 900 HP 1/32 DCPY
136Mack R Dump Truck & Plow 1/34 1st GearY
137Co-Op #1 Model A Tanker Bank 1/25 Liberty
138Co-Op #5 1952 Chev PU 1/25 Liberty Y
139Co-Op #2 Series 2 1953 Willys Jeep 1/25 SCY
140Co-Op #2 Studebaker PU 1/25 LibertyY
141Versatile 310 4WD with Duals 1/32 UH Y
142AC D10 1/16 SC Y
143Farmall 350 wide 1/16 Ertl Y
144JD GP narrow 1/16 Ertl
145JD HN narrow 2000 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
146EMCEA Mack Semi 1/64 PenjoyY
147JD 4000 Precision 1/16 ErtlY
148JD 4020 Powershift Precision 1/16 ErtlY
149Keith Hall Int. Semi Tanker 1/64 Road Champs
150Keith Hall Int. Semi Tanker 1/64 Ertl (missing pin)
151TTL Kenworth Semi Tanker 1/64 Ertl
152OMTA Ford Milk Tanker (1of624) 1/64 Winross
153Farmall MD with loader 1/16 Precision Y
154Farmall Super M Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
155White 2-135 (Signed) 1/16 Scale Models
156Oliver Peterbilt Semi 1/64 SCY
157Iowa Hawkeye Ford Semi 1/64 Liberty Y
158Home Hardware (Home Furniture) Peterbilt Semi 1/64 Y
1592005 IPM Perth County Semi 1/64 DCPY
160Ford 8600 Open Station 1/12 Ertl
161JD 8400 1/32 Precision Ertl Y
162JD 4020 narrow High Detail 1/16 Ertl
163Green Giant Tractor & Implements 1/16 Ertl Y
164Farmall 706 & 806 40th Anniv. 1/16 Ertl Y
165Coke Cast Iron Team and Wagon (15 inch) Price Y
166McCormick 200 Spreader 1/16 Ertl Precision Y
167MM 2 Star Crawler w/Loader High Detail 1/16 SC Y
168Beaver #1 Series 2 semi 1/64 Liberty
169Beaver #2 Series 2 semi 1/64 Libert
170IH 1468 V8 1/16 Ertl Y
171Farmall 460 Precision 1/16 ErtlY
172Cockshutt Golden Arrow '87 Woodstock (Signed) 1/16 Ertl Y
173Farmall MV High Clearance Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
174JD A with Cultivators Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
175White 160 '87 First Ed. 1/16 Scale Models (signed)
176IH 1566 SE 1/16 Ertl Y
177IH Hydro 100 ROPS SE 1/16 Ertl Y
178White 2-135 (Signed) 1/16 Scale Models
179Kubota L2850 4WD '88 Firs Ed. 1/16
180JD 8020 Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
181Oliver 770 narrow w/2 Row Corn Picker 1/16
182Versatile 256 1/32 Scale Models Y
183Versatile 1156 Designation 6 1/32 Scale Models
184Beaver Lumber #1 Model A PU Bank 1/25 Liberty
185Beaver Lumber #3 1940 Ford PU Bank 1/25 LibertyY
186Beaver Lumber #5 1922 Studebaker (Chrome) 1/25 SC Y
187CIH '37 Ford Tank Bank 1/25 SCY
188Supertest '53 Kenworth Wrecker 1/34 First Gear (light needs glue)Y
189AC K Diesel Crawler w/Blade High Detail 1/16 SCY
190Mack B Low Boy Trailer 1/25 First GearY
191CIH Magnum MX270 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
192Farmall ABC Set 1/16 Ertl Y
193Elmira Maple Syrup 50th Anniv. 1/25 LibertyY
194Elmira Maple Syrup 2010 '39 Chev PU 1/25 Liberty Y
195Elmira Maple Syrup 2011 '47 Int. PU 1/25 Liberty Y
196Elmira Maple Syrup 2013 Model A PU 1/25 Liberty Y
197Ford 8N and Plow '95 CIFES 1/16 ErtlY
198JD X728 Lawn Tractor and Attachments 1/16 Ertl Y
199JD 9420T Precision 1/32Y
200Jeff Bryan Transport Semi (Day Cab) 1/64 Ertl
201Jeff Bryan Transport Semi (Sleeper Cab) 1/64 Ertl
202Keltic Transport Semi 1/64 Ertl
203Arnold Bros. Transport Semi Reefer 1/64 Ertl
204Case 1170 Agri King Black Knight 1/64 Ertl
205Cub Cadet 1650 Lawn Tractor w/blade 1/64 Ertl
206JD 8760 Articulating CE 1/16 Ertl Y
207JD 100 Large Square Baler 1/32 ErtlY
208CIH 8575 Large Square Baler '97 Case Corp. 1/16 Ertl Y
209IH 460 Grove Diesel CE 1/16 Ertl Y
210Walker Transport Ford Semi 1/64 Liberty
211Overnite Transport Mack Semi 1/64 Ertl
212Universal Tire Mack Semi 1/64 Penjoy
213PAP Transfer Ford Semi 1/64 Ertl
214JD 720 Hi-Crop '92 Two-Cylinder Expo 1/16 Ertl Y
215Oliver 770 Narrow High Detail 1/16 SC Y
216Ford 5000 Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
217JD 6030 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
218IH Barge Wagon 1/16 Ertl Y
219JD R Diesel 1/16 ErtlY
220Fruehauf Tipper Semi w/pup 1/64 Lesney
221Fruehauf Hopper Semi w/pup 1/64 Lesney
222JD 8760 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
223McKerlie Millen Kenworth Semi w/sounds 1/16 Buddy L
224Home Hardware #2 1926 Bulldog Truck Bank 1/25 Ertl
225Home Hardware #8 Model T Van Bank 1/25 Ertl
226CTC #5 Series 3 '79 Ford PU Bank 1/24 Liberty Y
227CTC #2 Series 5 '40 Ford Panel Bank 1/24 Liberty Y
228JD 4020 w/cornpicker Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
229JD 93 CIFES 1/16 ErtlY
230IH 1466 w/duals 1/16 Precision Y
231CIH 4994 1/16 Ertl Y
232JD 9200 w/triples 1/16 Ertl
2332010 IPM Tanker Semi (St. Thomas) 1/64 DCP Y
234Pacific Corrugated Pipe Kenworth Semi 1/64 DCP Y
235Little Genius 2F Trail Plow 1/16 Precision Y
236IH 3F Trail Plow 1/16 Precision Y
237Coke Freightliner Semi 1/64 Y
238Champion Road Grader 1/32 TCT (axle needs repair)Y
239Kenworth Semi w/pup 1/64
240MM Peterbilt Semi 1/64 Y
241Cat Freightliner Semi w/(2) Challenger Tractors 1/64 Ertl
242Ford NH Semi w/Ford TW-35 Tractors 1/64 Ertl
243Oliver 2255 1/16 Scale Models Y
244Oliver 1955 '90 Farm Progress 1/16 Scale Models
245Oliver 1755 Narrow '87 Allemania 1/16
246Oliver 1855 1/16 Ertl (played with)
247JD 630LP '88 National Show 1/16 Ertl
248MH Challenger on Steel (grey) 1/16 (as is)
249MH Challenger on Rubber (green) 1/16 (as is)
250Terra Gator 1603T air spreader 1/28 (1 of 2000) KZCOY
251Terra Gator 1664T dry spinner 1/28 KZCO Y
252JD 70 Narrow 1/16 Ertl Y
253JD 720 Narrow (rough paint) 1/16 Ertl Y
254JD 4430 Precision 2004 Sales Performance Award 1/16 (Letter enclosed)Y
255White 4-270 (Signed) 1/16 Scale Models
256Case 9390 1/16 Scale Models Y
257Steiger Panther CP1400 1/16 (Signed)
258CIH Super M and Super H (Signed) '99 Progress 1/16 Scale Models Y
259JD G Styled '97 CE 1/16 Ertl Y
260JD 80 Diesel 80th Anniv. 1/16
261JD 820 1/16 Ertl Y
262JD G Narrow CE 1/16 Ertl Y
263AC D15 Narrow 1/16 SC (broken steering wheel)Y
264Oliver 1955 Narrow 1/16 Scale Models
265Oliver 1855 Narrow 1/16 Ertl
266AC Semi w/(2) Agco Allis 6620 Tractors 1/64 Ertl
267Hesston 130-90 (2) Tractors on Hesston Semi 1/64 Ertl
268JD Peterbilt Semi w/JD 7800 Tractors (2) 1/64 Ertl Y
269Ford Semi w/(2) 8870 Tractors 1/64 Ertl Y
270CIH Peterbilt Semi w/(2) 9250 Tractors Ertl 1/64 Y
271CIH Peterbilt Semi w/(2) Case Tractors 1/64 Ertl Y
272JD 8300 1/16 Ertl
273Oliver 1850 4WD 1/16 Ertl
274Oliver 1755 '90 Summer Toy 1/16 Scale Models
275JD 4430 1/16 Ertl
276JD 6850 SP Harvester w/head 1/32 Y
277Oliver barge wagon 1/16 Ertl
2781997 IPM Auto Trac (County of Simcoe) Y
279White 2-35 Tractor 1/25 Scale Models Y
280United Van Lines Kenworth Semi 1/64 Liberty Y
281Emcea Transport Mack Semi (1 of 300) 1/64 Penjoy
282Farmall 706 '92 Woodstock 1/16 Scale Models (Signed)Y
283Farmall 1206 '93 Woodstock 1/16 Scale Models (Signed)Y
284McCormick WD-9 1/16 Ertl Y
285JD C SE '93 Two-Cylinder Grand Opening 1/16 Y
286MM Crawler '04 National Toy Show 1/16 SCY
287Cockshutt 950-T (1 of 1250) 1/16 Ertl Y
288AC 2-20 1/16 Ertl Y
289JD Barge Wagon 1/16 Precision 1/16 (Poor Box)Y
290Case 660 Industrial 1/16 Ertl Y
291JD 4000 Precision 1/16 Ertl
292JD 330-430 Collector Set 1/16 Ertl Y
293JD 50-60 50th Anniv. Set 1/16 Ertl Y
294JD 40-70 50th Anniv. Set 1/16 Ertl Y
295Steiger Panther CP1400 w/triples 1/16
296Deutz Allis 9150 CE #2 1/16 Ertl Y
297JD 820 Diesel 1/16 Ertl
298JD 730 Diesel Narrow 1/16 Yoder (repaired)
299IH 6388 2+2 1/16 Ertl Y
300IH 7488 1/16 Ertl Y
301Farmall 706 Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
302Farmall 560 Diesel Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
303Ford 8N Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
304JD 720 '90 Two-Cylinder Club 1/16 Ertl
305Farmall F-20 wide Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
306Farmall Regular Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
307White 6105 1/16 ErtlY
308IH 1466 Turbo SE 1/16 Ertl Y
309IH 1066 5,000,000th 1/16 ErtlY
310Waterloo Boy JD Precision 1/16 ErtlY
311IH 6388 2+2 1/16 Ertl Y
312CIH 4994 1/16 Ertl
313Farmall H Franklin Mint 1/16 (Black Logo)Y
314IH 1066 SE 1/16 Ertl Y
315IH 966 SE 1/16 ErtlY
316White 2-135 1/16 Scale Models (poor paint)
317JD 5010 '90 Formosa Show 1/16 Ertl (poor paint)
318Mack 1960 B-61 Dump Truck 1/34 First GearY
319Mack R Dump Truck 1/34 First Gear Y
320White 6810 1/16 Scale Models Y
321Imperial Super Drive Robert Bell Tractor 70th Anniv. Seaforth Ag. '94 SE 1/16 TCT
322JD 70 '91 SE 1/16 Ertl
323OMTA Milk Tanker 1/64 Winross Y
324Potter County Anglers Club Semi Tanker 1/64 Winross
325Shell Semi Tanker 1/64 Majorette
326MH Challenger on steel (red) TCT (wheels are off)
327AC WD narrow 1/16 Precision Y
328AC WD45 wide 1/16 Precision Y
329AC WD45 narrow 1/16 Precision Y
330Deutz Allis 9150 2WD 1/16 Ertl Y
331Deutz Allis 9150 4WD 1/16 Ertl Y
332AC WC 1/16 Precision Y
333Farmall F20 Narrow 1/16 Precision (red)Y
334Farmall F20 Wide 1/16 Precision (red)Y
335JD 5400 with ROPS 1/16 Ertl Y
336JD GP on steel 1/16 Ertl Y
337IH 1586 w/duals and weights 1/16 Ertl
338Terra Gator 1664T air spreader 1/28 KZCO (1 of 500)
339TSC 1916 Studebaker Panel Bank 1/25 Liberty
340TSC 1916 Studebaker Panel Bank 1/25 Liberty
341TSC Model A Panel Bank 1/25 Liberty
342IH 5488 Precision Key Series 1/16 Ertl Y
343Ford TW-25 1/12 Ertl (poor box)Y
344Case 930 Comfort King 1/16 Precision Y
345Case 1030 Western Special 1/16 Precision Y
346White 2-135 Field Boss 1/16 Scale Models Y
347IH 3588 1/16 Ertl (poor box)Y
348White 8310 1/16 Scale Models Y
349Farmall 1206 100 Years 1/16 Ertl Y
350AC D17 narrow 1/16 Precision Y
351JD R Waterloo Boy 1/16 ErtlY
352JD 4440 1/16 Precision
353JD 494 A Planter 1/16 Precision Y
354Bag of Creative Logs
355IH 1568 Black Stripe (4th in Series of 4) 1/16 ErtlY
356IH 1568 White Stripe (3rd in Series of 4) 1/16 Ertl Y
357CIH 9150 1/32 Ertl '88 SE
358Oliver 70 Standard 1/16 TCT
359Two Boxes of three display cases for 1/64 w/bleacher bracketsY
360IH 1456 1/16 Ertl Y
361CIH 5250 Maxxum 50,000th Ed. 1/16 Ertl Y
362CIH MX220 Magnum 1/16 Ertl Y
363Int. Erb Semi 1/34 First Gear Y
364Oliver 770 1/16 SC (Damaged) Y
365JD 4230 CE 1/16 ErtlY
366Ertl Barge Wagon 1/16 (poor paint)
367JD haybine 1/16 Ertl
368JD 3010 narrow '94 Formosa 1/16 Ertl Y
369JD 3010 wide '92 SE 1/16 Ertl
370Farmall H 50th Anniv. 1/16 Ertl Y
371McCormick 23-36 HP on steel '95 Husker Days 1/16 Scale Models Y
372IH 8-16 Kerosene Tractor 1/16 Scale Models Y
373JD 2550 1/16 Ertl (rough paint)
374JLG 860SJ Telescopic boom lift 1/32 Y
375Oliver HG Crawler 1/16 Ertl Y
376JD Disc 1/16 Argentina (poor box) Y
377White 4R Planter (signed) 1/16 Ertl (Damaged Coulter)
378White 6100 Planter 1/16 Ertl Y
379Farmall 706 '98 Lafayette 1/16 Ertl Y
380MH 81 Army Green 1/16 TCT
381Farmall 504 w/scufflers 1/16 SCY
382Versatile D100 Signed '99 NH CE 1/16 JLE Y
383JD Chrome Plated Dealer Exclusive 5pc set 1/64 Ertl Y
384Agcostar 8425 '96 Louisville Show 1/16 Signed
385Mack Tanker Semi 1/34 First Gear Y
386Steiger Tractor #1 1/16 Scale Models Y
387JD 2450 7F semi mount plow 1/16 Jerry Maier
388Mack R w/35ft trailer 1/34 First Gear Y
389Versatile 936 1/16 Ertl Signed
390Coke Peterbilt Christmas Semi 1/64 Matchbox Y
391Coke Peterbilt Semi 1/64 Ertl Y
392Terra Gator 1664T 4 wheel Liquid Sprayer 1/28 KZCOY
393Terra Gator 1603T 3 wheel Liquid Sprayer 1/28 KZCOY
394McCormick 2F Custom Made Trail Plow 1/16
395JD 4020 Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
396JD A Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
397Oliver 1855 1/16 Scale Models
398JD B Precision 1/16 Ertl Y
399Versatile 1156 Signed 1/16 Ertl
400Agcostar 8425 1/16 Scale Models Y
401White American 4pc. Set Signed 1/16 Scale Models (Poor bod, all mufflers broken)Y

Jim McLellan of Woodstock

David and Doug Jacob 519-348-9896