Here's What Comes With A Super Ad

You get a big banner, taking up one-third of a laptop screen and one-quarter of a phone screen.

Your really big banner jumps off our home page as soon as you log on.

Your banner includes descriptive text that points to important items in your sale.

Your business name shows up, big and bold, with a link to your detailed auction listing on our site or a site of your choosing.

Your Super Ad also comes with a batch of 10 photos in your detailed auction listing. (Not kidding!)

You get to choose 4 of those 10 photos to also appear in your banner or we can choose for you.

Here's How It Works

Your banner will appear on our home page for 6 to 8 seconds at a time.

We will run only 10 banners at one time, so your ad will show up with great frequency.

The sequence of banners will be scrambled throughout the day so every banner gets equal billing.

Your banner will run for 7 days, or until your sale ends, whichever comes first.

Your detailed auction listing will continue working for you until your sale expires.

Email us at or call us at (613) 885-8466 or click here.

Here's How Much It Costs

Our two major competitors charge $125 and $250 for their premium ads. Our price? Just $80.

Other premium ads simply place your sale notice at the top of a long list of similar notices and might, possibly, include a photo.

Our banners are specially created ads and are displayed on our home page.

To see our Super Ads in action, click here.