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Niagara Auctions Inc.
This course has been developed by
an auctioneer who is also a qualified Ontario teacher
with over 45 years in the business.

Auction, Appraisal and Retailing Course

Thank you for showing an interest in joining/upgrading yourself in this exciting profession. This unique course has been designed to give an in depth, hands on study of the Auction, Appraisal and Retail Business.

Whether you are just beginning or have years of experience, this course is for YOU. As you complete the course you will acquire the knowledge it has taken the presenters over forty years to learn. The course is offered in convenient home study units that allow you to progress at your own rate with no time constraints.

Your income in this profession, (unlike many others), will be directly proportional to the time and effort you are willing to put forth.

Ongoing education, flexibility and a constant striving for knowledge go hand in with you developing your successful business. For success your business must change with the market but more importantly, you must always be aware of your CLIENTS needs, wants and concerns. Remember "Service is your only Business". The money will look after itself!

We are looking forward to this opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful world of auctioneering, appraising and retailing. I truly believe the auction method of marketing is the best way to achieve the highest possible prices in the shortest time possible. As you may be aware "The Auction Method" is used to sell the World's most expensive items.

Once candidates have shown successful completion of the course they will receive their C.C.A.A. (Certified Canadian Auctioneer and Appraiser) designation. This course is open to working auctioneers and candidates with a minimum Grade 12 Diploma.

Refresher and advanced courses will be offered to graduates on an annual basis.

If you have any questions prior to, during or after the course ends please do not hesitate to call toll free at 1-800-298-6086 or e-mail


Doug Embleton B.A., C.C.A.A.
President Doug Embleton Auctions Inc.
Member Ontario Secondary Teachers Association
Member Ontario Elementary Teachers Association
Past Director Greater Ft. Erie Chamber of Commerce
Past Director Ontario Auctioneers' Association of Ontario
Member National Auctioneers' Association

Doug Embleton Auctions Inc.
69 Main Street • Lion's Head, Ontario • N0H 1W0
Toll Free 1-800-298-6086 •

About Niagara Auctions

In 1967 Doug Embleton Auctions Inc. began in Ridgeway Ontario, under the registered name of D&L Antiques. By 1991 the business had developed from a small retail outlet on River Rd. in Niagara Falls to a multi-faceted service related antique, appraisal and auction business incorporated under "Doug Embleton Auctions Inc.".

The company is family owned and operated. Each sale is treated as though it was their own. The majority of the staff has been employed since the businesses inception and has been trained in all aspects of the business.


Doug Embleton Auctions Inc. offers clients full estate service. We confer with our clients explaining the several options to disperse or sell their goods.

A/ Tag Sale: The goods are tagged and offered for sale. As the sale progresses the prices are systematically lowered until everything is sold.

B/ Auction Sale: All items are sorted and sold by public auction either on site or at an auction hall. On site sales generally net more money than sales in halls.

C/ Retail: Specific, important, items may be sold through our retail outlet if the client wishes. Our store is located at 69 main st. Lions Head On N0H 1W0.

D/ Real Estate: We have been Niagara's leading Real Estate Auctioneer since "1970". We charge the vendor 0% commission on real estate sales.

E/ Appraisals: A complete chattel and real estate service is available.

F/ Internet: Live Internet coverage is now available for appropriate auctions.


Doug Embleton B.A.
Member: RETO, O.S.S.T.F., N.A.A. & Ft. Erie C. of C.

Lawyer: Bowman Andrews
Estate & Real Estate Sales and Contracts

Internet Specialist: Doug Sroka
"jengersnap" - E-bay and Computers

Auction Computer Software
( executive member of PFW)

Professional Organizations
National Auctioneers Association
Chamber of Commerce

Marketing and Promotions
Don Willick owner Diamond Promotions

Credit Cards and Wireless Banking
1.8 - 1.9% fees through preferred banking TD Trust & C.I.B.C.

Health & Insurance Benefits
Chamber of Commerce

Appraisal Specialists
John Corney owner Regional Appraisals, A.A.C.I Real Estate Appraisals
Barbara Durley FCGmA, diamond Grading and Appraising Certificate, Tutor for CGA, Brock University Lecturer

Three Part Home Study Course
Leading to the Certified Canadian Auctioneer and Appraiser Designation

Part 1 Certified Canadian Appraiser.
Part 2 Interim Canadian Auctioneer.
Part 3.Certified Canadian Auctioneer including Real Estate

  1. Naming your company
  2. What is an Auctioneer?
  3. The auction bid or chant
  4. Types of Auctions
  5. Original customer contact
  6. First meeting with client
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. HST
  9. Auction Proposal
  10. Front Money
  11. Commissions
  12. On Site VS Hall Auctions (visitation to several local auctions)
  13. Training your Staff
  14. Sale Preparation & Set-Up
  15. Buyer's Premium
  16. Conducting an auction/Acting Lessons
  17. Auction inclusions and consignments
  18. After the auction
  19. Staff symposiums
  20. Banking, Credit & Debit Cards
  21. Basic bookkeeping
  22. Associations
  23. Appraising of Personal Property
  24. Contracts and Business Forms
  25. Web Site, FaceBook
  26. E-Bay
  27. Advertising and Company Promotion
  28. Auction, Tax and Contract Law
  29. Charity Auctions
  30. Automobile Auctions
  31. Jewellery Auctions
  32. Real Estate Auctions
  33. Fire Arms Auctions
  34. Projected Costs/Equipment to Start
  35. The One-Stop Auction Real Estate Office
  36. Inventory/Retail
  37. Where do we go from here? Continued Education and Professional Development

For further information about our company: •

Part 1. $900.00 plus HST
Part 2. $2,000.00 plus HST
Part 3. $5,000.00 plus HST

CCAA wallet identification cards and Graduation Certificates for all successful graduates.

Tax deductable receipts given for business expense deduction.


Choose your own starting date.
Work at home as your personal schedule permits.

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