Each Sale is an event. produced, opening day, closing day.

The sale events are produced like a show. Like any show, there is an opening day and a closing date. Action Auctions directs, advertises and broadcasts the show live online. The Sponsors act as the shows producers. Our client's valuables are the stars of the show.

Transparent competitive public sales, where all participants see all bids as they are made LIVE. It is an event because people don't just watch, they participate. They participate because it is exciting.

Only on the last (3) days of any sale, a participant can submit a 'Trigger Bid'. This means that their bid is "Pre-emptive". We call it a 'Trigger Bid' because it triggers an immediate virtual response from our system. A notice goes out to all registrants, notifying them that they have only 24 (twenty four) hours to respond if they want to compete with the Trigger Bid received. This adds to the competitive nature of the Event.

In a Action Auction Sale, the thrill of bidding lasts throughout the Event, not just on the final day. Added to the excitement is the fact that anyone participating can win prizes from the Sponsors. This is one of the benefits of our Sponsors and Mutual Marketing. Most important: competitive sales get good prices, but exciting competitive sales get the best prices.

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