Saturday March 10 2018
Sale Starts At 9:00 AM
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51570 Lyons Line
Springfield, Ontario

8 kms north of Aylmer on HWY #73 then 5 kms east of Lyons on Lyons Line OR
14 kms south of the 401 HWY on the Putnam Rd.

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GAS PUMPS: Bennett Model 766-B/A; Gilbarco-Supertest; Bennett 95-White Rose

AIR METERS: Eco-Cities Service; Eco-Fina; Eco-White Rose; 2 Eco- Supertest; Eco- B/A

GLOBES: Original British American; Original Reliance; Spitfire; Globe Mounting Rings;

GAS PUMP PLATES: 1958 B-A Diesel Fuei; B/A 88; B/A 98; Texaco; Shell; Gulf; CO-OP; BP; Fina; Gulf Kerosene; Sunoco; Velvet 98, Supertest; Sky Chief; Super Premium; Regular

GAS PUMP AD GLASS: Esso; Flite-Fuel; B-A 88; Reliance; Super Fina; Fina; Velvet 98; Texaco

BATTERY & TIRE SIGNS: Willard Storage; Dominion Tires-Vilas; 1941 Cities Service; Autolite; Hart; 1959 Exide; Remington; 1976 Uniroyal; Michelin; Gulf; Firestone; Goodyear; Dominion Royal; Firestone Farm; Gates Insured; Monarch; 1940 Willard; Fisk; Dayton; 1960 Dunlop; 1965 Fisk"Time to Retire"; 1975 Dunlop; 1960 Remington; Goodrich; 1941 Firestone; Goodyear; Dominion Rubber Royal; Vulcanizing; Cooper

SIGNS: 1958 B/A; Fram Oil Filter; 1954 Standard Red Crown; Red Indian; Texaco; Fina; Kendall; 1953 Valvoline; Champion Spark Plug; Genuine Ford Parts, FoMoCo; Standard Reliance; BP; Pennzoil; Genuine Ford Parts; British American Oil Co.; B-A Bowtie Service Products; Gulf; Lion; Sunoco; Imperial 3 Star; Supertest All Canadian; Cities Service Clean Rest Room; Cities Service Oils; White Rose DSP; Quaker State; HWY 6; No Smoking; Shell Clamshell; Stop; Black Cat; Prince Albert Cigarettes, Kool Cigarettes; Sportsman Cigarettes; Toronto Star; Telegram; Star Weekly; Genesee Beer; OKeefe Ginger Beer; 'Neilson's Famous Ice Cream; Lighted: Ford Family of Fine Products; Ford Quality; Goodyear; Remington; Dunlop Tires; Cities Service Washroom; Soda: Ya Hooo Mountain Dew; Wink; Nichol Kola; Fanta Orange; 1950 Coca-Cola; Enjoy Pepsi Kick Plate

OIL CANS: B-A; B/A; Sunoco; Red Indian; North Star; Blue Star; BP; Imperial 3 Star; Esso; Chryco; Cities Service; Gulf; Kendall; Texaco; QuakerState; Canadian Tire; White Rose; Supertest; En-Ar-Co; Husky; Spur; Veedol; Reliance; Regency; Fina; Ford; Shell; CO-OP; McColl-Frontenac; STP; Woodward's, National; Mobiloil; Tidex; Whiz; John Deere; Massey Freguson, L-Jay Tractor; Harley Davidson; Marvel Mystery; Royal; Canoco; Solo; Mohawk; Champlain; Monarch; Derby; Velvet; Arrow; Sayco; Irving; Argo; Elgin; Chalet; Froskil; Sturdol; Avio; Skyway; Flash; Antelope; Lion; Visoil; Oneida; Spitfire; Beaver; Autoboggan; Maple Leaf; Viceroy; Crown Dominion;

HANDY OILERS: Red Indian; White Rose; Supertest; Supertest (Green Leaf); Cities Service; Shell; Texaco; Esso; Sunoco; Quaker State; Canadian Tire; BP; Gulf, B/A; Rare Cities Service Utility;

BANKS: EN-AR-CO; White Rose; Supertest; Prestone; Atlas; Cities Service; Reliance; BP; Gulf; B/A; Sinclair, Shell;

OIL BOTTLES: McColl-Frontenac Pt. & Qt; EN-AR-CO Pt. & Qt; Shell; Oil Bottle Spouts

OIL CAN & OTHER RACKS: McCowan 12 Can; Tidewater 12 Can; 30 Can with holder; McCowan 15 Can; Canadian Oil Companies Large & Small Can; WILLARD BATTERIES; 1954 Goodyear Belts; Quaker State, Gulf Map; Rare B/A Flashlight Batteries; B/A Travel; STP; Veedol; Sign Hangers; 1949 Fram Filter; Supertest & Cities Service Map;

CLOCKS: Auto-Lite; Fram; Hart Batteries; Supertest; Shell; Gates; Ford; Gulf; Coca-Cola; 7-UP;

THERMOMETERS: Rare Universal Batteries; Prestone Anti-Freeze (4); Eveready Prestone; A C Spark Plug; Cities Service; Trico; Mail Pouch; 7UP;

PUSH BARS: B/A; Owen Sound Times; 1952 Iced Coca-Cola; 7UP, Pure Spring;

RACK TOPPPERS: EN-AR-CO/WHITE ROSE; B/A; Supertest; Sunoco; Imperial Oil; Shell; Dunlop; Prestone Anti-Freeze; B/A Gas Pump, B.F. Goodrich; Esso; Gold Star; Regent; Dayco; Hart Batteries; Firestone Tires; Seiberling Tires; Kleenflo; Purolator Oil Filters; Globe & Mail; Canada Dry;

WASHROOM SIGNS & KEY TAGS: Shell, Cities Service; Fina; Gulf; Supertest; B/A; Sunoco; BP; Texaco, B-A Washroom Wall Pocket;

CABINETS & DISPLAYS: Ford FOMOCO Caps Coils Rotors; FOMOCO Auto Lamp; Genuine Ford Parts; FOMOCO Genuine Ford Parts; Fina Ignition; File Cabinet to B/A; Autolite Electrical; Champion Spark Plug Gasket; B/A Oil Seals;

LIGHTERS: Hart Batteries; B/A; Cities Service; Shell; Canadian Tire; Ford Edsel; Camel Cigarette;

LICENSE PLATE TOPPERS: 1953 B-A; White Rose; Supertest; Imperial Oil; Shell; Sunoco

TIRE INSERTS & STANDS: Dominion Royal; Michelin, B/A; Fisk;

TIRE ASHTRAYS: Goodyear; Dunlop; Firestone; Uniroyal;

TOYS: Scale Model B/A Service Station; Marx B/A Tanker; Buddy L Texaco Tanker; Marx Cities Service Tow Truck;

MISCELLANEOUS: Coca-Cola Pop & Beer 75 Cent Vending Machine; RARE RED INDIAN ANTI-FREEZE TESTER; Michelin Man "BIB" with Map Holder; Michelin & Ford Banners; Hart Batteries Brass Ashtray; 1939 Red Indian Map; White Rose, B/A, Shell, Texaco, Gulf, Imperial 3 Star, Fina, Reliance Maps; Rare B-A 88-98 Double Badge; White Rose Pin, B-A Dealer Pin, B/A 14 Karat Gold Pin, Supertest 15 Yr. pin, Fina 5 Yr. & 10 Yr. Pin; B/A 22Yr. Safe Driving Award; B/A Ruglyde Mount & Dismount Tires; Cities Service & B/A Manuals, Trico Windshield Arms & Blades; Fisk Tube; Gutta Percha Can; Dunlop Fan Belt; Gates Fan Belts Holders; McColl-Frontenac, Red Indian, B-A , Texaco Playing Cards; 1980 Framed Palmerston Fina Garage Painting; Fisk, Ford, Dunlop Fan Belts; Fomoco Collectibles; Coca-Cola 2 & 12 Bottle Carrier with Bottles; Post War Ford Framed Picture; Service Station Bells; Champion Seat Covers; Fina Automotive Collectibles; 1950"s & 1960's License Plates; Eco Air Meter Accessory Parts; Gas Pump Nozzles, Hoses & Mounting Unit; White Rose & Gulf Insect Sprayer; B/A Customer Box, B/A First Aid Kit; Rare Ford Piston Rings; Service Station Attendants Hats & Shirt; Player's Cigarette Ashtray & Change Tray; Sunoco, BF Goodrich, Hart Battery Service Kits; Ford All Purpose Travelling Light; Fina Battery & Box; Gutta Percha Fan Belt Measure;

TERMS: Payment by cash, Interac, Visa or M/C day of auction. Thirteen percent buyer's premium for onsite bidders, eighteen percent for internet bidders. A three percent discount will apply to payments by cash or Interac. Lots of parking and lunch booth on grounds

VIEWING: Thursday March 8th 1pm - 5pm and at 8am days of auction

INTERNET BIDDING: Live and advanced online bidding available by clicking the link below. All internet buyers credit cards will be charged after the auction unless other arrangements have been arranged.

HST TAX: HST of 13% will be charged on all items. Online buyers from out of Province who have their items shipped will be charged their home Province's HST rate. Online buyers from the USA who have their items shipped will not be charged HST. Onsite buyers from out of Province and from the USA can apply for a HST rebate using the GST 189 forms available from our office or online.

PICK UP: All items must be picked up at the Shackelton Auction Centre 51570 Lyons Line Springfield Ontario N0L 2J0 during the times below unless arrangements have been made. Any items not picked up or shipped will become property of the auction. Pick up times are during and up to 1 hour after the auction eachday and Monday March 12th 9am to 5pm.

SHIPPING: Shipping will be available at an extra cost, please contact Leanne or Sarah at 519-765-4450 to make arrangements.

FRIDAY LOT'S #1000 - #1608
SATURDAY LOT'S #2000- #2515



Saturday March 10 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

K.W. Khaki Club
2939 Nafziger Road
Wellesley, Ontario

2 miles south of Wellesley

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A Gerber Auction Sale

Of Antiques, Pottery, Collectibles And Other Interesting Items

for Rod Pinkney, Milton
and additions

Consisting Of: Wooden butter churn signed St. Marys. Wool winder. Oak hall mirror with coat hooks. Stoneware Ginger beer bottle (A.E. Burke, Brantford). Folk art. Signs. Musical instruments. Carving "Long Bill Curlew" by Allan Taylor. Cow statue. Hand wringer. Broad axe. Fish spears. Old tools. Local Dairy bottles (Kitwat quart & half pint (both very rare), Preston, Elmira, Stratford, Conestogo, etc.). Berlin Lion Brewery bottle. Kuntz bottle sleeves, jack knife and bottle. Maple Lane, Waterloo milk can. Human yoke. Bells. Tinware. Trivets. Iron corn cob mould. Wooden & other kitchen collectibles. Vintage toys. Swing bowling game (Kitchener Toy Company). Dawes Black horse beer tray. Signed Chandler. Vintage Christmas ornaments. Sports cards. Beaver jar. Horse saddles. Cast iron pan signed Buck, Brantford. Cast iron pans, pots & kettles. Oil lamps. Drug bottles (1 from Forest). Stenciled boxes. Old door hardware. Assorted china & glass.

Pottery: F.P. Goold, Brantford jug (bird), excellent. Rare Eberhardt & Halm, Toronto C.W. 2 gal. flowered jug, mint. G.I. Lazier, Picton C.W. 2 gal. flowered crock. G.I. Lazier, Picton C.W. 5 gal. flowered jug. Goold, Brantford C.W. 4 gal. flowered jug. HB & L, Bellville Ont. 4 gal. crock (bird). Bellville Stoneware Co. HB&L 8 gal churn (rough). Rare Gray & Glass, Tillsonburg 4 gal flowered crock, mint. HB&L, Bellville Ont 6 gallon churn. Picton C.W. 1 gallon flowered jug. Morton & Co., Brantford C.W. 3 gallon flowered crock. Roff & Davies, Bellville merchant jug (4 line). W. Hart & Co. Picton C.W. 2 gallon flowered crock. J.R. Burns, Toronto crock. Stoneware harvest ring, believed to be Picton (purchased from Clay Benson from Port Hope). Rare St. Humberstone, Newton-Brook ¼ gallon jug. Flowered "batter" jug (believed to be Picton). R.S Dunlop Wine Merchants, Brantford crock (5 line). Brantford ink bottle, jam jar & rare large jardinière. 3 & 4 gal. Schuler, Paris flowered crocks. Brantford Stoneware 2 gal flowered crock. Rare redware shaving bowl, redware dog, bird house & redware house. Assorted redware pieces. Assorted crocks & jugs up to 5 gal. Ornate pottery plant holders. "Rebecca by the Well" tea pot. Pottery water cooler.

An outstanding offering!
See for photos.

Cash, debit of cheque with I.D.
10% buyer's premium.


Auctioneering and Appraising

We Strive To Serve You Better!

2827 Hutchison Road • RR 1 Millbank, Ontario • NOK 1LO

(519) 699-4451 ~ (519) 698-0138 ~ (519)498-7126

Saturday March 10 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

Montgomery Farm
147 West Essex County Road 27
Essex, Ontario

From Hwy 3 at Essex take the Arner Townline south
to West Essex Cty Rd 27 & go east to the farm.
Or from Hwy 3 at Cottam take West Essex Cty Rd 27
(a continuation of Belle River Road) west to the farm.

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Farm Machinery Auction Sale

For Louise Montgomery, Essex, Ontario

Sale will be held at the Montgomery Farm

No Reserve. Farms are Rented.

Tractors - one with loader: Case 830 Comfort King gas, open station, power shift wheels, 4314 hours; Case 1210 diesel, open station, power shift wheels, 3610 hours, sells with Case front end loader, 2 wheel drive, 1 rear wheel needs repair or replacing;

Tillage: 18' pull type Triple K cultivator with rolling harrows; 20' side fold type Harrogater; 12' IH wheel disc; 19' - 3 ph Flemstoff cultivator; small 3 ph cultivator;

Wagons - 8 flat racks & gravities: 8 flat rack wagons all with decent chassis, two with hoists, some tops need repair; 4 smaller gravity wagons; older wagon chassis;

Snow Blower, Ditcher: good 8' McKee model 750 Sno-lander double auger 3 ph snow blower; Glencoe 3 ph model PD-5 PTO ditcher; 3 ph V-ditcher;

Trailers: snowmobile trailer with cover that will hold two snowmobiles; other small trailers;
Scale Trailer: Funks Scale trailer needs repair;

Augers & Grain Cleaners: Versatile approx. 7" x approx. 40' grain auger; 4" auger; two rotary grain cleaners with motors; Forano grain cleaner with stand alone grain auger & bagger; two small augers on wheels & with motors;

Duals: 18.4x34 over the rim duals; 11.38 over the rim duals;

Buzz Saw, Grass Seeder, Sprayer Units: 3 ph pulley operated Buzz Saw with good blade; 3 ph fertilizer or grass seeder; tractor belly mount spray unit & spray boom;

Farm Primitives: hand corn sheller; good Avery beam scale; wooden extension ladders; etc;

Shop Equipment: Onan PTO generator; Beaver wood lathe; table saw; skil saws; hand tools; clamps; work table; radial arm saw; sand blaster; Reddy Heater; ¾" socket set; wrenches; vices; cut off saw; plus other good tools, etc;

Car: 1991 Mercury Cougar LS, runs, selling as is;

Lumber, Eye Beams, Copper Wire, Scrap Steel, etc: quantity of never used 5/8" tongue & groove plywood; other piles of plywood; 17 sheets of 8' barn steel never used, plus other steel & ridge cap; native lumber; various lengths of steel Eye beams; copper wire; quantity of scrap steel in piles; old batteries; hand tools; tires & rims; galv. tubs & numerous other items;

Household Items: Baldwin organ, needs repair; glass topped patio table & chairs; coffee table set; few more items.

Selling Order
Household items first, followed by shop equipment,
then machinery and tractors last.

Lunch available. Loader tractor available.

Cash, debit or personalized cheque day of sale.

Owner or auctioneer not responsible for accidents day of sale.

Proprietor: Louise Montgomery

Auctioneer: Jack Morris, 519-687-2530
More photos at

Saturday March 10 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

720 Davis Drive

Approx 23 km east of 404 or 1.6 km west of Hwy 23.

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Estates from Uxbridge, Stouffville, Whitby, Port Perry

Subject to Additions& Deletions


Cash Debit Visa MC Approv Cheque
10% Buyers Premium

905 852 9538 ~

April 14 Farm Machinery Toys for Boys Sale
Consignments Welcome

Saturday March 10 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

1134 Printery Road
St. Jacobs, Ontario

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for the estate of the late
Ephraim and Saleda Martin

Household effects; antiques; and collectables: Waterloo County corner cupboard; extension table with 8 leaves; 11 chairs; 3 antique school desks; bureau; bonnet chest; Singer treadle sewing machine; rocking chair; secretary desk; Waltham pocket watch; wicker rocking chair; double bed; blanket box with bottom 2 drawers; large secretary desk; single steel bed; sewing supplies; ration coupon books; old maps; history family books; old order Mennonite books; old readers; school books; old calendars; pocket ledger; Bibles; song books; old games; horse training books; newspaper clippings; straight razor and belt; old maps; clippers; fancy bowls; pencil boxes; dinner set; knotted comforter; day bed; lift chair; rocker; chest of drawers; GSW wringer washer; quantity of glassware; cookware; bakeware; bedding; linens; and much much more.

Miscellaneous items: variety of hand and power tools; lawn and garden tools.

Note: An all around interesting auction. Cash, cheque, or debit

Jantzi Auctions Ltd.

Wellesley 519 656 3555