Monday February 19 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

Riverside Auction Hall
192 Front Street West
Hastings, Ontario

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A Family Day Auction
Riverside Auction Hall

Partial list of military,
antique and collectible items on offer,
more being added.

Furniture: dressers, loveseat, washstand, oil parlor lamps, tiered table stand.

Toys: Gumby collectibles including Gumby & Pokey cookie jar, 5 piece set of figurines in original package,Gumby figure in original package, Gumby's Circus set, Smaller sets of figures in original packages.

Artwork: framed prints of the Boer War and the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, a photographic portrait of a couple with the man in military uniform circa Crimean war, nature scenes burned on wood.

Miscellaneous: Wooden produce crates, break action shotgun, teen magazine "For Teens Only," 8 Track tapes, "Beaver" mason jar, oil lanterns, cast iron, floor grill, vintage "Whimsies by Wade of England in original package, antique portraits/photographs, stamps, belt buckles, framed documents acknowledging Grand Masters of the Masons, wooden canes, fittings for oil lamps, casters, napkin rings, platters, old paper.

Military: Approx 30 medals and service pins, lead soldiers, holster, dress sword, bayonets, service badges, American flag, brass uniform buttons, poster reproductions, Canadian Military Meal - "Breakfast/Lunch Menu No. 5,", collectors cards - military medals, framed prints of the Boer War, a photographic portrait of a couple with the man in military uniform circa Crimean war, framed prints of military uniforms - American Revolutionary War (American) & British soldier, framed photographs of naval crews, military jackets/blouses, brimmed hats, berets,vintage posters, trunks, military historical books.