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For The Late Mr. Bill Huyke,
Property of Carol Huyke,

Buckhorn, Ontario

The Vimy Ridge Gallery, located in Buckhorn Ontario, was home and workplace to William (Bill) Huycke for over 30 years. His passion for preserving Canadian history was evident in his remarkable displays of family legacies and military memorabilia. His work is displayed across Canada and can be found as far away as England. The history and memories that were entrusted to his capable hands over the years was immense. Although it became far more than a hobby pursued into retirement, it was always a labour of love. It is the hope of his family that the remaining pieces find treasured homes in the hands of individuals who will treat them with the love and respect with which they were created.

Bayonets: No. 4 MK II Rare Canadian Arsenals Ltd 1 of 5000 Korean war 1950.
No. 4 MK II Savage Stevens Co. Chicopee Falls, USA produced 1,250,000 1941-1942.
No. 4 MK II Pre-1943 Singer Manufacturer.
No. 4 MK II ?? N57 Post 1943 MFG.
No. 4 MK III Joseph Lucas Ltd, code M158 - 1943-1946
No. 4 MK II Prince Smithe Steus A.S.K, Pre 1943, 1942-1945
No. 4 MK II N30 Howard & Bullough Co. of Accrington 1942-1943
No. 4 MK II Baird Engineering Ltd., 1942-1943
Plus others.

R.C.R Red Coat Uniform Pre-War, Air Force Uniform WW2, Afghanistan Police Uniform, Afghanistan Camo Uniform, various Military unframed prints, WW2 military medals. Various World War 1 & World War 2 cap badges (Canadian & British). Various WW1 & WW2 shoulder flashes, WW1 rank insignia, WW1 & WW2 buttons & helmet plates, WW1 Canadian Scottish Highlanders 15th battalion cap badge, WW1 chevrons, WW1 Red Cross, Various military newer badges, Canadian Red cross book Dunant's Dream, shoulder flash & badges. Various military & police badges, WW1 button cleaner, various military vintage books.

Prints & Photos: Battle of Trafalgar - Admiral Nelson with coins
Distinguished Patches - Canadian Military Units print
The famous 13th 42nd & 73rd Battalions Recruiting poster
Winchester Arms Co. advertising poster
Queen Victoria print
The War in Egypt - Occupation of Alexandra
The War in Egypt - Victory Tel-El--KEBIR
Nelson - Leaving Portsmouth - Goodbye
My Lads - with coins
The Emperor Reviewing Troops at Austerlitz
Fort Henry Guards - 1971
Victory Bonds - Can't You See
General Drouot at Waterloo
Photo - Canadian Provost Corp.
Authentic Ribbon Bars - framed print
Charge of Heavy Cavalry - Balaclava
Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment 1885 Uniform
She Serves That Men May Fly RCAF - poster
Women Royal Naval Service poster WRENS - with Insignia
Boy Scouts - Badges and Insignia Lord Baden Powell photo
An Incident of the Prussian Campaign
1st Bengal Lancers/Skinners Horse Numbered print
The Battle of Chateauguay - 1812
The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, Westminster Abbey
Photo - King George - framed
Beaufort Torpedo Strike - 42 Squadron Over the North Sea
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment cap badge and Insignia
Pte. Ernest Duffy - Killed in action. Photo, medals, regular five
Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson photo, decorations, awards
Give us the Ships - print
Winston Churchill Holding the Line print
Queen Victoria - portrait
Gracie Fields - photo, signed
Battle of Ulundi 04JULY1879 - print, Lord Chelmsford Square
King and Queen print
Sir Isaac Brock - Tecumseh print
3 Mounties RCMP print mounted together
Gathering of Eagles - Robert Taylor
Aircraft print - Double Trouble
Aircraft print - Photo Finish, Mustang Aircraft
South Atlantic Task Force - Robert Taylor
Phantom Launch - Robert Taylor
Black Watch - print
Guards Passing the Park
Return from Inkerman
Saving the Guns of Maiwand
The Girl I Left Behind - Waterloo print
Charge of Heavy Calvary at the Battle of Balaclava
Lancaster Bomber print WK Barnes
Crew of Whitehall
Soldiers 6th Rest at Rest
Officer on Horseback
C Battery IRCHA RCA Heavy Artillery
The Thin Red Line print
Battle of Waterloo, (x2) Felix
Royal Scot Greys - On the March


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